9 Obvious Signs A Guy Wants You To Chase Him

Chasing a guy is not exactly an easy thing to do.

Some claim it is because ladies can not handle rejection like men do when they do the chasing.

If, as a lady, you are talking to a guy who seems to be giving you mixed signals, don’t be surprised that he just wants you to chase him

Before you put on your race gear, you should be sure he wants you to chase him, and you’re not just making up things in your head, too.

There are obvious signs a guy wants you to chase him, and talking about some of these signs will help you make an informed decision.

If you see the prospects of the guy in question and believe he is worth chasing, then you can go after him.

If not, I don’t think you should set on a quest to be with a guy that you won’t want to be with at the end of the day.

Let’s check these signs a guy wants you to chase him together, and given the fact that you already know he has great prospects, you can decide to chase him.


9 Obvious Signs A Guy Wants You To Chase Him

1. He Shows Interest In You Then Leans Back

Signs A Guy Wants You To Chase Him

If you’re looking for one of the signs a guy wants you to chase him, this is one of the first signs.

When a guy seems interested but then takes a step back, leaving you with all the work, it’s time to decode the mystery.

He may approach you to strike up a conversation, share an invitation for coffee or dinner, and then take a step back, leaving the ball in your court.

He’ll make small efforts to get your attention but won’t cross certain boundaries.

It almost feels like he wants you to come closer and meet him halfway.

His body language reveals a lot – his smile, eye contact, and subtle touch are all signs of interest in you that he hopes will lead you to chase him. 

Maybe he’s trying to get you to chase after him because he’s feeling a little shy or scared.

It’s like a secret signal, an invitation for you to take charge and build something incredible together.

It’s a tricky game but an exciting one.

You don’t always have to wait for a guy to make the first move; sometimes, taking charge can be incredibly attractive and add to the mystery of it all.

This is your golden opportunity to go after what you truly desire.



2. He Makes Himself Available

Another one of the signs a guy wants you to chase him is that he makes himself available for you. 

He might make sure that his schedule aligns with yours, or he might make sure to be around when it’s convenient for you. 

He might also drop hints about wanting to hang out but never actually making a solid plan.   

This is where you come in.

If he’s making himself available, it means that he wants you to take the initiative and make something happen. 

This is all in an effort to let you know that he’s interested and he wants you to make a move. 

Don’t be afraid to take charge and let him know what your plan is.

Show him that you’re interested in spending time with him, and watch the sparks fly. 

Being direct can be intimidating at first, but it will help make sure that both of you get what you truly desire. 



3. He’s a Tease

Signs A Guy Wants You To Chase Him

Another sign he’s trying to get you to chase him is that he teases you constantly. 

He might tease you about things like your hair, fashion choices, or other personal characteristics

This is his way of getting your attention and engaging with you in some way without having to take the lead himself. 

It’s an easier method of flirting that allows him to get to know you better without having to come out and say it directly. 

He might even try to make some friendly jokes about the two of you spending time together. 

If this is happening, it means he wants you to take action and step up the relationship a notch or two. 

You should take the initiative and make plans with him that will help you both experience what it’s like to be together without feeling any pressure. 

That way, you can determine if there is a real connection between the two of you or not. 

And by showing him that you’re interested too, he’ll likely open up more and give your relationship a chance. 



4. He Flirts With You

Flirting is quite common with a lot of guys, but for a guy who wants you to chase him, it may be a little more serious.

He flirts with you a lot but never gets to ask you out or initiate an actual date.

You wait for him to initiate a commitment, but he doesn’t.

He knows that this may make you want to find out more and pursue him. 

If you’re interested in taking the relationship to the next level, it’s important that you take the lead. 

Tell him your thoughts and feelings about him and see how he reacts.

If he reciprocates positively, then you can plan a date or an outing together.

That way, both of you will have the chance to get to know each other better and take the relationship to a more serious level

You don’t want to wait too long, though.

Otherwise, he may lose interest or think that you’re not interested.

So go ahead and give him a chance! It could be the start of something special. 



5. He Tries To Make You Jealous

Signs A Guy Wants You To Chase Him

If he’s trying to make you jealous by talking about other people, it could be a sign that he has feelings for you. 

He wants to know if you’re still interested in him and is testing your reactions.

It can be difficult to tell if someone is really trying to make you jealous or if they just naturally talk about the relationships in their lives.  

Pay attention to how he talks about other people, and try to pick up on any clues that he might have an ulterior motive. 

If you think he’s trying to make you jealous, it could mean that he wants more than just friendship with you. 

It’s important not to jump to conclusions, though, so take your time getting to know him and watch out for any signs that could confirm your suspicions.  



6. He Asks You For Favors

If your crush is regularly asking you for favors, it could be a sign that he likes you. 

It might not feel like it at first, but if he’s always looking for advice or help with something, it might mean that he values your opinion and wants to spend more time around you.

He may frequently ask you for help not because he actually needs it but because he wants to give you the opportunity to impress him. 

Keep an eye out for any other signs of attraction, and if you think he’s interested, don’t be afraid to let him know how you feel.  



7. Acting Mysterious

Signs A Guy Wants You To Chase Him

You may find him hiding stuff about himself and keeping important details to himself.

He may also act elusive by being difficult to figure out or get a hold of.

You may also find him avoiding direct questions from you, either about his personal life or about his feelings for you and his intentions for the relationship.

While you want to know details about his past or life, he keeps actively keeping them away from you because he wants you to chase him to find out more.  

This might manifest in him being evasive about his plans or taking his time to respond to texts.

He might give you vague answers when you ask him questions or simply not answer at all.

This can be a way of trying to keep your interest by making you actively pursue the conversation and further details.

Pay attention to these signs as they could be indications that he’s interested in you and wants you to take the initiative.  

Ultimately, the best way to know if a guy is trying to make you chase him is by paying attention to his behavior and how he interacts with you.

If his actions line up with the points above, chances are he’s trying to make you work for it.

Remember that if it feels like too much effort, that’s a sign too.



8. He Tries To Impress You

One way a guy might be trying to get you to chase him is by trying to impress you.

He might try to show off his knowledge or skills, tell stories about his successes, or take you on extravagant dates and buy you gifts.

All of these are ways he may be trying to show you that he’s worth your time and attention and wants you to give him a chance.

Pay attention when he talks about himself because it could be an indication of how interested he is in getting your attention. 

He’s also likely to put in extra effort when planning activities or dates with you.

He’ll go out of his way to make sure that your time together is special and memorable.

These small gestures can all be potential signs that he’s trying hard for your affection and wants you to notice the effort he’s putting in so that you’re more inclined to pursue him further.

When he wants you to chase him, one thing he’ll do consistently is try to impress you.

So you may notice him going over and above to impress you by out doing himself in certain things or showing off his possessions or accomplishments.



9. Dropping Hints

Signs A Guy Wants You To Chase Him

Hint-dropping is one of the most brilliant tricks to employ when trying to get someone to chase you.

With the hints he drops, you communicate a lot without having to verbally say anything.

It’s like you open the floor for a conversation and give the person the opportunity to come for you.

One of the ways he can do this is by engaging with your social media posts and pictures.

Leaving comments here and there and liking your pictures, hoping to get your attention and make you chase him.

Another way is through physical contact, like a light touch, hug, or holding hands.

These hints are subtle yet effective in that they unconsciously communicate the message you’re trying to send without having to say it. 




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