9 Life-Changing Mistakes You Should Never Make More Than Once in Your Life

Life-changing mistakes you should never make more than once in your life If you are human, chances are that you make mistakes regularly. Don’t fret, it does not make you a horrible person. It comes with the territory. It is okay to make wrong judgements. You can be close to perfect, but you cannot be … Read more

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10 Lessons Learned in Life

No one on this planet was born with the knowledge on how to live a perfect life free of mistakes and errors from birth till death. We are bound to sometimes miss it and get it wrong.  In life, there is no getting to a stage where you will have a manual on how to … Read more

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10 Self-Hating Habits You Should Stop Now

Everyone should love themselves, right? I mean, why wouldn’t anyone love themselves? It doesn’t make sense. Well, it’s not that simple. Sometimes, you think you love yourself but you don’t. And this is evident in the way you treat yourself. Your actions and inactions show whether you love yourself or not. What then are the … Read more

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7 Money Mistakes You Will Regret Ever Making

money mistakes

If I could turn… Back the hands of time… Oh… Since that’s not possible, the best I can do is learn from my mistakes and try not to repeat them. But honestly, I wish I’d made better financial decisions in my early twenties. On a more positive note, I’m glad I made those money mistakes … Read more

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