8 Signs Your Boss is Not Happy With You

Signs Your Boss is Not Happy With You

Your boss is your biggest advocate and the person who can make or break you. Your boss is the one who decides whether or not you get a raise, whether or not you get promoted, and whether or not your job is safe. If your boss is happy with you, then you’re golden. But if …

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7 Toxic Morning Habits To Get Rid Of

There are things we do every morning even without thinking(habits) because we do them often and have become part of us. Some are really toxic and they should be gotten rid of because they limit our productivity. What we do in the morning matters a lot because the morning sets the pace for the rest …

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10 Lessons Learned in Life

No one on this planet was born with the knowledge on how to live a perfect life free of mistakes and errors from birth till death. We are bound to sometimes miss it and get it wrong.  In life, there is no getting to a stage where you will have a manual on how to …

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself For Self Discovery

How To Make Him Miss You Without Overdoing It

No other pursuit in life is more infinitely rewarding than the art of discovering oneself. Your most prized possession in life is a knowledge of who you are. It is the foundation for everything else, everything you’ll do, achieve and involve yourself with. Discovering yourself is not a feat to come up with labels to …

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