6 Reasons Your Husband Keeps Hurting You Emotionally

reasons your husband keeps hurting you emotionally

Emotional hurt is a terrible thing to experience, especially when it comes from a friend or relative. No matter how terrible being hurt by your friend or relative is, being hurt by your husband is at least ten times worse. When you think things can’t get any worse, it actually does. What’s worse than your …

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12 Telling Signs Of An Inconsiderate Husband

signs of an inconsiderate husband

Do you feel like your husband is inconsiderate or have you ever wondered what the signs of an inconsiderate husband are? I’m here to quench your curiosity thirst today. Being with an inconsiderate person can be quite an unpleasant experience, especially when that person is your partner. It can create an unhealthy relationship dynamic that …

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14 Reasons Your Husband Is Not Affectionate Anymore

  Relationships are like rollercoasters—sometimes thrilling, sometimes almost nauseating, but always full of twists and turns.    It’s one thing to be married to a man who was never the most affectionate person, and you’ve gotten used to that, but it’s another thing for him to have been affectionate before and change over time.    …

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