15 Signs God Wants You To Be With Someone

Signs God Wants You To Be With Someone

If you believe in God and desire His direction for your life, you may be interested in knowing the signs God wants you to be with someone.  It is easy for anyone to decide on a new partner by themselves, but experience and time have shown that relationships do not always go as planned, and …

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10 Cute Signs He Wants More Than a Fling With You

signs he wants more than a fling

Have you ever wondered if a guy is genuinely into you or if he’s just looking for a fling?   The truth is sometimes, men don’t want to admit they’re interested in something more than just a casual relationship. They don’t want to be seen as desperate, and they don’t want to scare you off by …

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12 Signs He Only Sees You As A Friend

Signs Your Ex is Happy in New Relationship

It’s heartbreaking when a guy you really like seems to see you as a friend. After all, who wants to make a move and risk rejection? No thanks. But at the same time, it’s equally frustrating to stay in limbo, not knowing where you stand. In case you are not sure, here are fifteen telltale …

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12 Signs He Regrets Losing You

Signs He Regrets Losing You

If your ex calls you up one day and starts reliving memories you two shared, you may think he wants you back. How do you know the signs he regrets losing you? Leaving the person you love hurts a great deal. But knowing they do not miss you in return or even regret leaving you …

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