8 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Looks

In the words of Nigerians on the street… “Mad oh!”

This sounds like a crazy thing even to consider, but it happens.

A wise man once said, “There is nothing new under the sun,” and I fully agree with him.

While some boyfriends are totally smitten and in love with their girlfriends, some may be incredibly jealous of her looks.

This is particularly the case with very attractive women who have a lot of sexual appeal.

If they get into a relationship with an insecure guy, he may become jealous of the very thing that attracted him to her.

Just so you don’t think it is abstract, I’ll give you signs to look out for .

Read on to find out the signs your boyfriend is jealous of your looks.

8 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Looks

1. He tries to control your dressing

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Looks

One of the obvious signs that your boyfriend is jealous of your looks is how he tries to control your dressing.

You may find that the guy who once complimented you on how good you looked will start finding fault with how you dress and recommending alternatives that do not correlate with your personal style.

It may be that you are a naturally curvy lady, and your boyfriend suddenly becomes averse to the body-hugging outfits you prefer and starts suggesting long, shapeless skirts and gowns instead.

In Nigeria, these are called “Mary-Amaka skirts”.

Such persuasion to subscribe to his dress preference for you will involve intense manipulations, as he is afraid that your looks will attract a guy who will take you away from him.


If you have long, lustrous, dark hair that stands you out, he may instruct you to cut it and go on lowcut.

You are an adult and shouldn’t be forced carry out another person’s command even if that person is your boyfriend.

He is your boyfriend and not your lord.


2. He is insecure when you are away

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Looks

A very tangible sign of this evil bug of jealousy in your boyfriend is how uneasy he feels when you are away from him.

I mean, he controls you and acts like your daddy, a tyrannical one at that when you are with him.

Then, when you are away, he is very skirmish and can call a hundred times in one day just to know what is happening around you.

He asks questions about who spoke to you, how they looked at you, what they said, and who touched or smiled at you.


I already feel exhausted from listing all these.

Haba! (an exclamation signaling exasperation).

Sometimes, he makes up stories to get information from you.

For instance, he may accuse you of cheating on him with a guy just to get you to tell him your whole movement for the day and how you didn’t as much as talk to any guy that day.



3. He insults and abuses your looks

Words are so powerful that they also reveal the state of our hearts toward others.

“You think you are fine?”

“See this ugly girl o!”

“What do you even think you have?”

“You that I am just managing.”

“If not that you found a fine bobo like me ehn.”

“How did I even end up with you… you look disgusting.”

These are the words of a guy who is jealous of your looks.

Narcissists are like this.

They’ll manipulate you and insult you with the very unique body features you possess.

They’ll put you down consistently till you have no iota of confidence in you again.

Whether it is him calling you unsavory names and body shaming you or tooting his own horn and over-exaggerating his awesomeness and how lucky you are to have him, it is all the same.

I once heard the story of an insecure man who got into a relationship with a beautiful lady; he kept taunting her until the once beautiful lady started to dress and look like a hag.


4. He obsesses about your social media activities

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Looks

Definitely, he is going to control your social media activities!

He becomes a monitoring spirit on your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms.

He criticizes all your posts, especially your pictures.

He may even go as far as cloning your WhatsApp. 

Don’t put it past him!

He is always concerned about who and why the person likes your post or comments.

He will even go as far as censoring your posts if you allow him.

He is jealous of your looks girl!


5. He is angry when you get the attention of others

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Looks

This one is a constant and can’t be hidden.

When you get the attention of others, he becomes a raging bull.

I watched a skit once where the guy was jealous of his girlfriend’s looks.

They went to a studio where she was to record music, but because another man admired her, he flew off the bat and insisted they leave, thus sabotaging her music recording.

Even when friends speak about how beautiful she is, the guy would suddenly get upset and take it out on her.

If that isn’t a red billboard, I wonder what else it is.

If you can relate, please RUN!


6. He compares you to himself

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Looks

This doesn’t make any sense but I guess it makes sense to them.

If your guy constantly compares you to himself and talks about how attractive he looks in comparison to you, then something is very wrong!

This is usually not a stand-alone sign, as it usually combines some of the others we’ve touched on.


7. He compares you to other women

He also compares you to other women and uses that to put you down and make you feel less of yourself.

He may even make these remarks publicly so it hurts you more.

The ladies he may be comparing you to may never hold a candle to you, but since comparison is a virus that causes low self-esteem, he’ll use this tool to tame you and make you do his bidding.


8. He lords it over you in everything

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Looks

A man who is jealous of your looks will look for every way to control you.

Every aspect of your life will be under his censorship and if you are insecure, you will live to please him.


Jealousy is a toxic emotion and dating a guy who is jealous of his girlfriend’s looks is like swimming in murky waters.

This situation can range from mild to extreme but none of it is healthy for you in a relationship.

A man like this is obviously deeply troubled and dealing with low self esteem and insecurities that need professional therapy.

But you are not his therapist.

Even though he makes it look like you are the one to blame for his actions, remember that he is a grown man who has made his choices.

A relationship is not bondage; as much as people exchange ideas and ideologies in a relationship, no one should lord it over the other or seek to control them. 

This is absolutely wrong!

It is also important to love and value yourself enough to leave a toxic relationship behind.

I wish you all the best.

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