12 Obvious Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

Finding out that your husband has a crush on another woman has got to be one of the most heartbreaking discoveries ever.

But the truth is, he’s human, and it can happen,

Just as you are human and can have a crush one day, or you everyone had a crush in the past.

Being in love with someone or even being married to them does not stop you from being human.

Neither does it immune you from falling or developing a crush on other people.

It is the decision to stick by your commitment and be intentional about your love that makes all the difference.

Finding out that your husband has a crush may not be a cause for panic immediately because it is what he does with that crush that matters.

But before you even look into what he does with it, it is important to be sure that your suspicion about him having a crush is even true in the first place.

I mean, there have been times that I have suspected my partner liked someone, and it eventually turned out that I was wrong and just being jealous and overly protective.

How do you know your husband actually has a crush, and you are not just being paranoid?

What are the signs that your husband has a crush on another woman?

12 Obvious Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

1. He Talks About Her

Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

One of the clearest signs that can easily give it away when your husband has a crush on someone is that he talks about her a lot, and beyond just talking about her, he talks about her in a certain way.

He may not outrightly talk about how attractive she is and how she makes him feel.

But he will say a lot of favorable and pleasant things about her, to people and even to you.

Don’t get me wrong.

It is not wrong for your husband to appreciate other people’s strengths and positive sides.

But when he has a crush, it is just different.

He says nice things about her all the time, and sometimes, he’s not even aware that he’s beginning to talk about her a little too much.

When you see this sign, there is a high chance that your husband has a crush on her.



2. He Visits Her Instagram Page Often

I do not recommend you snoop through your husband’s phone or try to stalk him.

But if by any chance you get to find out that your husband visits a woman’s Instagram page very often, then that is a strong sign right there.

It is possible that he just wants to check on her updates or pictures, but it could also be a sign that something is going on between them.

By the way, this applies to other social media platforms as well.

If you notice him visiting any woman’s profile page often, then there is a high chance that he has a crush on her.

This is because men are very drawn by what they see, and if a man has a crush on a woman, he will desire to look at her often.

And since he cannot see her every day as he sees you, the next best thing would be to feed his eyes with her pictures on Instagram.

Therefore, if you find out that your husband is visiting a certain woman’s Instagram page too often, then it is likely that he has a crush on her. 



3. His Friends Know

Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

Sometimes, when you have a suspicion about your partner, all you need to do is pay some more attention and listen to their friends’ conversation about that matter or person.

If you find out that his friends are talking about the same woman that he is visiting on Instagram often, then it can be a sign that he has strong feelings for her. 

His friends may not know for sure if there is something going on between them, but they will surely have some kind of knowledge from him or an idea about his crush. 

If a man has a crush, there is a high chance that his close friends or his closest friend knows about it because he will have talked about her to them.

His friends saying it or insinuating it in any way will confirm your suspicion.

Fiends have a great influence on people’s lives, and if, unfortunately, your husband has the wrong kinds of friends, they might encourage his feelings and lead him in the wrong direction.




4. He Stares At Her

This is one of the surest signs because you know how your husband looks at you or used to look at you when he still had lots of butterflies in his belly for you.

If he looks at her differently, in an intense, passionate, and loving way, then you’re right to feel suspicious because that’s not how a married man should look at other women. 

Seeing him look at another woman with the same eyes is a clear sign that what he felt for you, he now feels for another woman.

This is a sure sign because you know how he looks when he loves something, or he’s interested in someone.

If you notice him looking at a particular woman that same way, and it happens more than once, then it is a sign that he has a crush on her.

It’s a sign that he has strong feelings for her, and it could be just a matter of time before those feelings turn into an affair. 

You should always trust your instincts when it comes to these kinds of situations, as they are often right. 



5. You Feel Pressured By Him

Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

Another sign your husband has a crush on another woman is that he begins to try to make you become like her.

For some men, they think it is better to try to see their crush in their wives.

This is to keep them from cheating.

And while this may not be a perfect idea, it is somewhat better for them than cheating on their wives.

So they may subconsciously begin to try instilling the characteristics they admire in their crush in their wife.

They will begin to suggest that their wife dresses and looks a certain way or speak a certain way.

When you begin to feel this subtle or direct pressure to become like his crush, it is a confirmatory sign that he has a crush on her.



6. He Creates Excuses To See Her

When we have a crush on the person, we look forward to seeing them and even create opportunities to see them just to get the chance to feel the beautiful feeling that comes when we look at them.

This makes it easy for you to tell when your husband has a crush on another woman.

You’ll find him creating opportunities and excuses just to see her.

If she works at his office, you will notice that his workplace has suddenly become more appealing to him, and he wants to work for more hours.

And if she is a neighbor, you will notice that your husband now takes more trips outside the house and always seems to want to take the trash out.

Wherever she is, he finds a way to be there too.

This is because he has a crush on her.



7. He Wants To Look Good To Her

Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

When you notice that your husband is putting in more effort to look good both in his appearance and generally as a person, it can be a sign that he has a crush.

He wants to put himself in the best possible light and look like a great person to her.

So you may notice that every time she is within sight, your husband wears his best clothes and is on his best behavior.

He suddenly becomes a perfect gentleman and even speaks in a more collected manner.

He is suddenly acting like a teenager who is trying to impress his prom date. 

This is a surefire sign that he has feelings for her and likes her in a way more than just being a friend. 



8. He Defends Her

Another sure way to know that your husband has a crush on a woman is that he defends her or becomes defensive when you talk about her.

This could be a sign that he has a huge crush and her and is trying to hide it.

He also does not want you to speak negatively about her because she is perfect to him.

Pay close attention to how he behaves in such situations.

If he becomes overly defensive or acts out of character, then it is a sign that he really has feelings for her. 

He may even take an aggressive stance and try to justify why she is the best person in the world. 

This sort of behavior should not be overlooked as it can be a dead giveaway of a potential crush. 




9. He Starts To Hide Things

Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

This is a striking sign, especially if your husband would normally not hide anything from you.

If he starts to act secretive when it comes to talking about the object of his affection, it is a sure sign that something is going on. 

He may be trying to hide details in order not to get caught, and this may even include little things such as plans for upcoming dates. 

It can also be a sign that he has been spending more time with this person than he usually would, leading you to wonder if they have been out together or even talking on the phone late at night. 

Pay attention to these signs as it could be a sign of an inappropriate relationship developing between your husband and another woman. 



10. He Is Less Attentive To You

Your husband having a crush on another woman can affect his relationship with you.

You may notice that he now pays less attention to you and is less affectionate towards you.

This is because he is emotionally invested somewhere else. 

He may not be as interested in spending quality time with you, and he may even start to avoid talking about anything intimate or personal.

He has a crush, and that is taking his attention and affection.



11. His Phone Becomes His Best Buddy

Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

When a man becomes addicted to his phone, taking it wherever he goes and hiding it from you, that could be a sign.

His reason for always being on his phone is most likely the other woman.

He’s texting and calling her, messaging her through social media, or just scrolling through pictures of her.

Whatever it is that he’s doing on his phone, it’s clearly taking up a lot of his time and energy. 

You may also notice him being hesitant to let you see what he’s doing on his device.

If this is happening, it’s time to step back and look at the bigger picture.

He’s probably going out of his way to keep in contact with the other woman, which means he has feelings for her that are taking him away from you. 

He may be reluctant to admit it, but his behavior speaks volumes. 



12. He Is Happy When She’s Around

If you suspect that your husband has a crush and you are looking for signs, this is a strong one.

If he seems excited and happier whenever he’s around her, it can be a sign that he has a crush on her.

He is happy because he is relaxed and enjoys her company.

His body language, such as smiling and laughing, may also change when she is around.

Pay attention to how he acts when she leaves the room and look for signs of disappointment or regret. 

If these are present, it’s a strong sign that he has feelings for her. 

You may also notice him trying to find ways to spend time with her, even if you are around. 

He may plan activities or outings with her in mind, such as suggesting you all go to the movies or out for dinner together. 

These are strong signs that he has feelings for her and is trying to find ways to spend time with her because her presence makes him happier. 




These signs are sure signs that let you know that your husband is taking interest in someone.

But do not take my word for it because situations are different, and sometimes, things are not as they seem.

They may not necessarily mean that your husband is cheating on you or that he is interested in someone else.

I recommend having open and honest conversations with him and listening to him speak.

If you do not feel comfortable or secure about his relationship with someone, do not hold back from telling him.

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