10 Signs You Need To Stop Praying For Marriage Restoration

If you are wondering when to stop praying for marriage restoration, keep reading.

The end of a marriage is never a pleasant experience.

People whose marriages are in a bad place or people experiencing separation from their spouse may resort to praying for the restoration of their marriage.

If you believe in God and have faith, prayer will naturally be one of your first responses to a situation as challenging as a breaking marriage.

Prayer goes a long way to help in calming you and calming the storm in your marriage, but at what point do you stop praying?

10 Signs You Need To Stop Praying For Marriage Restoration

1. You Have Been The Only One Fighting For Long

 Signs You Need To Stop Praying For Marriage Restoration

Praying for your marriage to be restored is an amazing thing to do. 

It shows you have faith and you believe in the power of prayer.

It shows you are not giving up on your marriage, and that’s admirable.

However, marriage involves two people and not just one.

At the initial stage, you may be the only one fighting in prayers, and that’s okay.

But if, after some time, your partner still does not respond or make any efforts toward restoring the marriage, maybe it is time to give up and face reality.

2. Your Partner Tells You They Have Moved On

While you pray for your marriage to be restored, you should also make some moves towards communicating with your partner and letting them know your desire for your breaking marriage to be restored.

After expressing your feelings and desires about marriage restitution to your spouse, pay attention to their response.

If they do not show any interest in fixing the marriage or they tell you outrightly that they have moved on, it is a sign that you need to move on, too.

You should immediately begin the process of detaching your emotions and heart from them.

3. When It Becomes Detrimental To Your Mental Health

signs you should stop praying for marriage restoration

As much as you want your marriage to work and thrive, it should not come at the detriment of your mental health.

As a matter of fact, you can not enjoy a marriage that depresses you.

The moment your efforts to fix your marriage begin to affect your mental health negatively, you need to stop praying for the restoration of that marriage and focus on your mental health.

4. You Are Being Abused

Sometimes, what you are praying for may not be what you need.

If you are getting abused by your partner, either physically or emotionally, you are better off without them.

You need to stop praying for the restoration of your marriage if it is or was an abusive marriage.

A marriage or partner who threatens your safety and well-being in any way is one you need to stay away from.

5. When You Lose Yourself

If your desire for marriage restoration has made you lose yourself and become empty, something is wrong.

While it is good to want your marriage to work again, that desire should not become the bane of your existence.

If the desire for a work marriage is making you a shadow of yourself, neglecting your personal dreams, development, and progress, you may need to consider stopping.

6. The Time Factor

Time is a very important factor you need to consider when praying for your marriage to be restored.

It is essential that you are realistic about the timeframe for a possible reconciliation and marriage restoration.

Failure to do this will make you spend valuable time and years of your life chasing the wind.

There is a timeframe when reconciliation is still very likely and possible.

Once that time has passed and there still has been no positive progress, it is time to stop praying.

This does not mean you give up on your spouse but rather recognize that there is a limit to what you can do, and it may be time for you to move on.

7. The Possibility Of The Marriage Working Again

As much as you may hate to admit at this moment, getting back together may not always be the best solution.

You need to honestly assess your life and that of your partner.

Consider how you have both changed and if your current lifestyles and beliefs will align in a marriage.

It is important to also consider the reason for the issues in the marriage before and see if the same issues can arise again.

If, after assessing all of these, you do not see the marriage working again, it may be time to stop praying and consider a reconciliation.

8. You’ve Tried Many Times, But Nothing Has Improved

At some point in a marriage, a couple must decide how much effort they are willing to put into making it work.

If you have consistently tried different approaches to improve the situation and nothing has changed after months or even years of trying, it may be time to move on.

When two people can no longer make the marriage work, they may need to accept that as a sign that it is over. 

9. Your Partner Remarries

signs you need to stop praying for marriage restoration

If a divorce between you and your partner has occurred, but you are still nursing the thoughts of getting back together and praying for marriage restoration, the moment your partner gets married to someone else, it is important to stop hoping.

Whatever bit of hope you had for restoration vanished the moment they committed to someone else.

For your own peace of mind, safety, and sanity, it is very important that you stop praying or hoping for marriage restoration with someone who is now married to someone else.

10. When You Feel A Release

Prayer is a deeply spiritual activity, and depending on the level of your relationship with God, you must have gotten used to the ways God answers your prayers.

Many times, people know that their prayers have been answered when they feel the burden lifted up from their chest.

You need to understand that God’s answer to your prayer may not always be what you want.

His answer may mean that your partner will come back, and your marriage will be restored.

But His answer can also mean that He has seen your pain and will heal you and help you move on from the marriage because it isn’t going to work out anymore.

Whichever it is, trusting God enough to let it all go when you feel “released” in your heart is crucial.

It is a difficult situation to be in, but faith helps us stay strong in times like this.

At the end of the day, before deciding to stop praying for a marriage restitution between you and your partner, you need to take into account many factors.

These situations are as personal as can get, so your individual circumstances, emotions, dynamics, kids, mindsets, beliefs, and priorities should be factored in.

Do not neglect the place for counsel and guidance, too.

Open up to professionals, religious leaders, or wise and trusted individuals in your life and seek their guidance and support.

Deciding to stop praying for your spouse is a decision that should be made carefully and with lots of prayer and consideration.

Although it may be challenging and hard on you, with the right counsel and determination, you are on your way toward reclaiming your life and thriving again.

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