Spice Up Your Love Life: 12 Ideas for New Things To Try in the Bedroom

Keeping the spark alive in a marriage isn’t always easy.

Believe me; I’ve been married for six years and have two kids, so married life can get hectic.

But one thing can help: spicing things up in the bedroom by trying new things.

Trying new things can add excitement and variety to your intimate moments, making them more meaningful and enjoyable for you and your partner.

This doesn’t always come naturally, so you have to work at it.

Reading this post is a great way to start.

Here are twelve ideas for new things to try in the bedroom to bring passion back into your relationship.

12 New Things To Try in the Bedroom

1. Massage each other.

Nothing says “I love you” more than a massage.

I love love massage!

Who doesn’t?

Especially after a hectic day.

Take turns giving each other a relaxing full body massage with scented oils or lotions, complete with an aromatherapy candle burning nearby if you can.

If you can’t, just make do with whatever you have. 

The goal is to make sure both of you feel relaxed and recharged.

You may find that it leads to something even more intimate!

So, enjoy it, whether or not it leads to it.


2. Try different positions.

New Things To Try in the Bedroom

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and do the same old positions over and over again. 

Break out of your comfort zone by trying new ones, whether from a book or magazine or just making up some of your own.  

Different positions can help you and your partner discover new ways to pleasure each other and lead to more fulfilling sexual experiences.

At the risk of sharing TMI (too much information), my spouse and I tried a different position that we hadn’t tried before, and it has become our, well, my favorite.

Here are some reasons why trying new positions is important:

Exploration: Trying new positions can help you and your partner explore each other’s bodies from different angles and perspectives.

This can help you discover new erogenous zones and ways to stimulate each other.

Variety: Incorporating new positions can help break up the monotony of your usual routine, adding excitement and interest to your sex life.

Comfort: Different positions may be more comfortable for different people, and trying new positions can help you find the ones that work best for you and your partner.

Intensity: Certain positions can provide deeper penetration or stimulate different areas of the body, leading to more intense sensations and orgasms.

You see why you should try new positions?

Don’t forget; this topic is focused on new things to try in the bedroom.


3. Talk about the good times. 

Talking about the good times will remind you why you fell in love in the first place. 

Share old stories and favorite memories that make you both laugh or reminisce about times that were especially romantic. 

It’s a great way to rekindle the flame and reignite passion.

New things to try in the bedroom don’t necessarily have to be something actively sexual.

In fact, nonsexual activities can set the pace for the real action.


4. Explore fantasies together. 

New Things To Try in the Bedroom

Exploring fantasies with one another is an effective way to try something new in the bedroom without actually doing it.

Talk about what you find sexy, what turns you on, and what scenarios make you feel aroused. 

This is especially helpful if you feel embarrassed about certain topics or desires. 

Discussing fantasies help create a safe space where anything goes, allowing you to explore boundaries and get comfortable in the bedroom.

Just because you are married doesn’t mean you can’t explore and experiment.

As a matter of fact, marriage is the best place to enjoy physical intimacy and explore your wildest fantasies. 


5. Change locations.

If you usually stay in the bedroom, try something different, like taking a bubble bath together or going to the living room couch, often reserved for cuddling and watching movies, or get it on somewhere else in the house.

If you can, go for a staycation, a home away from home, a weekend getaway, or a  romantic night out at a hotel.

The change of scenery can do wonders when it comes to reigniting your desire for each other.

Studies have shown that couples have twice as much sex as they do at home on vacations. 


6. Role-playing.

Role-playing is a great way to act out your wildest fantasies while still in control of your boundaries.

You can be whoever you want and do whatever you want – the world is your oyster!

Whether it’s a naughty schoolgirl and teacher or a doctor and nurse, you can let your imagination run wild.


7. Wear something sexy for each other.

This doesn’t have to be lingerie (unless you want it to be). 

Instead, pick out clothes that make you feel sexy and confident—like a low-cut dress or tight jeans—and wear them just for your partner. 

Seeing each other in something different can be a real turn-on.


8. Make use of food items during foreplay.

New Things To Try in the Bedroom

Research online about certain foods considered aphrodisiacs and use them for foreplay activities (for example, feeding each other strawberries).

Not only does this provide added stimulation and pleasure, but it also adds an element of fun and playfulness to your time together.


9. Play games together in bed, such as truth or dare.

Games provide a structured way for you and your partner to communicate and get to know each other more deeply.

Truth or dare, for example, will encourage you to share personal stories or fantasies that you may not have discussed otherwise.

Playing games in bed allows you to let loose and be playful with each other.

This can help reduce stress and anxiety and create a more relaxed and enjoyable sexual experience.


10. Incorporate music into your lovemaking sessions.

New Things To Try in the Bedroom

Music has the power to enhance your mood, increase your arousal, and add a new dimension of sensuality to your sexual experiences.

It’s true.

My husband and I sometimes incorporate music during our intimate moments, usually R&B. 

Here are some helpful tips for doing this:

  • Choose the right music: Start by selecting the music that suits your mood and taste.

It could be slow and sensual, upbeat and energetic, or anything in between.

You can create a playlist of your favorite tracks or choose a ready-made playlist online.

  • Set the mood: Dim the lights, light some candles, and create a romantic ambiance that complements the music. 

You can add some scented oils or incense to create a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Use music as a guide: Let the music guide your movements and pace. You can match your movements to the beat of the music or use it as a cue to switch positions.

As the rhythm of the music intensifies, it can inspire and direct your movements, allowing you to transition from slow and gentle to faster and more passionate.

  • Experiment with different genres: Try different genres of music to see what works best for you.

You can try classical music, jazz, blues, rock, or any other genre that appeals to you. 

You may discover new sounds that you enjoy, adding a new level of excitement to your lovemaking sessions.


11. Talk dirty during sex.

Telling your partner exactly what turns you on is incredibly powerful and satisfyingly naughty at the same time.

It takes some practice, but once you get comfortable doing it, it can make all the difference between “okay” sex and mind-blowing sex.


12. Explore with toys.

Last but not least, don’t forget about toys: vibrators, handcuffs, feathers, etc.

These items offer boundless possibilities when used properly and safely.

So don’t be afraid to explore all these options available today; they could provide just what was missing before in order to take your intimacy levels even higher than ever before now!


Trying new things in the bedroom doesn’t have to mean doing something outrageous or uncomfortable; although if that’s what sparks joy within you and your spouse, then why not?

What matters most is that whatever activity chosen should bring mutual pleasure while being respectful towards one another; after all, nothing ruins passion faster than feeling disrespected by someone who claims they care deeply about us.

So keep this principle at heart while going through these ideas together without fear or hesitation.

Let go & let yourself experience true joy through exploring mutual desires and interests without judgment.

Happy exploring!

New Things To Try in the Bedroom

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