8 Things Husbands Do To Destroy Marriage

What are the things husbands do to destroy marriage?

Marriage needs work!

I wish I could sound a million bells for this.

If every couple understood this, nobody would consciously do things that hurt the other partner, and the divorce rate would decrease.

Being married is beautiful, and you can ensure it stays that way by always respecting your partner.

However, husbands do some things that can destroy marriage and their relationship with their wives.

It’s funny how a man can treat his wife with so much love when they are dating or newlyweds, but with time, that love and tenderness seem to disappear.

Besides having a child, getting married is one of the most important steps you might take. 

Therefore, when you find the one and get married, each partner should do everything to make the marriage work. 

Unfortunately, some husbands don’t realize how their actions can destroy their marriage.

The good news is these common mistakes husbands make can be corrected.

Still, there are certain things a man should avoid doing in a relationship.


8 Things Husbands Do To Destroy Marriage

1. Blame Your Wife

things husbands do to destroy marriage

This is one of the most common mistakes husbands make in marriage. 

Blaming your wife will make her feel bad about herself, and it can create tension between you two. 

If you have a problem, talk about it calmly so that she doesn’t feel like she’s being attacked.

Always try to correct your wife when she’s wrong instead of blaming her or calling her names.


2. Excessive Anger

things husbands do to destroy marriage

We all get angry at times, but when anger becomes a way of life, there is something wrong with you.

If you find yourself constantly getting angry with your wife, there is a problem somewhere.

This will affect your relationship because there will never be any peace in the house.

Everyone around you will begin to live in fear of saying or doing anything wrong.

Being angry with your spouse or getting bitter at her is not going to solve any problem. 

You don’t want to be the one who is killing your marriage, do you?

Instead, try to work on your communication, so that you both can feel loved and valued by each other again.

Nagging and being too critical breeds bitterness over time and eventually kills a marriage.


3. Letting The Romance Die

things husbands do to destroy marriage

One of the quickest ways to kill a marriage is to forget about dating your spouse. 

After all, it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day routine when you’ve been married to someone for a long time. 

But that doesn’t mean you should lose sight of what made you fall in love with your partner in the first place.

A big part of keeping the spark alive is continuing to go on dates and spending quality time with one another.

A woman’s need for romance includes time spent together, physical affection, and words of affirmation. 

A marriage where romance is dead will eventually die, too.

Wives need to feel loved and cherished; it is part of their makeup. 

They need to feel like they are special and unique and have a special place in their husband’s hearts. 

Many men make the mistake of letting their relationships become dull after some time. 

They stop caring about their wives as much as they used to earlier, stop taking them out on dates, stop giving compliments, and don’t pay attention to them. 

This lack of attention can kill any marriage.

Romance is a vital part of any relationship. 

Men need to make efforts to be more romantic if they want to keep their marriages together.


4. Lying

One of the most common reasons why marriages fail is because of lies. 

Lying destroys a relationship in many ways. 

First of all, it corrodes trust. 

It also creates room for doubts and suspicion. 

And worst of all, it makes your partner question everything about you, even if they don’t say so out loud.

Men lie about trivial matters such as being out with friends or how much money they spent on something. 

They might even lie about something important like an affair or addiction.

Lying can destroy the foundation of your marriage.

It builds resentment.

When a partner is lying, it’s easy to feel betrayed, hurt and angry.

If a wife has a reason to think that she can’t fully believe what her husband says, everything else in the marriage will be affected. 


5. Keeping Secrets

things husbands do to destroy marriage

Understandably, some things should be kept secret in a marriage, especially if they involve someone else’s privacy or could hurt your partner emotionally. 

However, if you keep so many secrets from your spouse that they feel like they’re married to a stranger, then the marriage might be on its way to dissolution.

Withholding information and telling half-truths are all behaviors that will cause huge problems in the marriage.

No matter the reason, keeping secrets from your wife is never a good idea.

If you have something wrong in your marriage, address it head-on with your partner instead of hiding it until it’s too late and you get caught.


6. Bad Parenting

things husbands do to destroy marriage

Another terrible habit husbands fall into is being bad parents to their children. 

Children need love and attention and making sure they get it from both parents will benefit the entire family. 

Failing to be an active parent can damage their relationship with their kids and their spouse.


7. Being Domineering

things husbands do to destroy marriage

Being domineering is not healthy in a marriage. 

A man should learn to respect his wife and her opinions and thoughts. 

He shouldn’t try to control her or make decisions for her. 

The relationship would be much more harmonious if the couple could share mutual respect and work together as equals.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where many men have been made to believe that being domineering is the only way to gain respect and that even their spouse needs to be intimidated for them to be real men.

A husband who resorts to being domineering or abusive will ultimately destroy his marriage. 

Besides, no one wants to be married to an abuser or a dictator.

A domineering man will treat his wife as a slave, and not as a partner.

He will be the one who will make all the decisions in the home, not minding what his wife thinks or feels. 

He would be the only one who has a say in everything, even if it’s in the area of his wife’s expertise.

Some men are fond of making decisions that they know will not be favorable to their wives without consulting them. 

They fail to realize that their wives are human beings with feelings, and this act can hurt them emotionally.

They think that because they’re men, their opinion should be more important than their wives.

So many women have left their marriages for good because they got tired of their husbands treating them like slaves instead of partners.


8. Hiding Money

things husbands do to destroy marriage

Hiding money from a spouse is a form of abuse.

It is a serious issue for many couples. 

It is one of the biggest issues that lead to divorce in marriages today.

There are no good reasons for hiding money from your spouse, especially if your wife is transparent with her finances.

Either you are trying to hide some financial problem, or you are trying to buy something without their permission.

Some men hide money from their wives to spend it on guy stuff, like video games or porn.

Hiding money is a major sign of distrust. 



Cheating, laziness, poor communication, flirting, staring at other women, and more are other things men do to destroy their marriages.

Do these things and watch how fast the romance disappears from your marriage:

A man’s best bet is to do the exact opposite of these things.

Marriage is a partnership.

Because you’re human, you can do them without intending to, without realizing the damage you’re doing, and without knowing how to stop.

Marriage is wonderful. 

It can provide a sense of security, companionship, and sense of belonging. 

But it also has its downside. 

Marriage can put you into a routine, destroy the romance and make your life boring.

Regardless of how long you have been married, a vital part of your life is your relationship with your wife is

If you are happy in that relationship, the quality of your life is enhanced. 

If you are unhappy, no matter how well other areas of your life are, you will suffer. 

The goal should be to keep things fun, exciting, and fresh in your marriage.



12 thoughts on “8 Things Husbands Do To Destroy Marriage”

  1. I’ve been married for 36 years we’re at the point that we don’t talk to each other she gave up already but I woke up today and I’m going to fight for my marriage I still love her

  2. Infidelity is a huge part of marriage breakdown. Lying to cover it ip and when you find out about it they lie first. He did it once and then again, and again, and we’re done.

  3. Interesting how so many of these websites look at what men do to destroy their marriage and don’t get me wrong I agree with all of them. We have been married for 43 years and at times t has not been easy as She put up with a lot from me having severe depression and anxiety (me) and she put up with me and stayed with me faithfully for all that time. However she is not emotional and can not expresses her love for me very often.

    This songs sums it up very well and no matter what I do it stays these. Went to counselling about 20 years ago and was told that I should back off and she will come around; some 20 years later she has not.

  4. My husband refuses to combine our money. I deposit every dime, and I am transparent with my finances. My husband contributes a certain amount monthly to the household. As far as dates, vacations, etc. these are left on me. I’ve tried telling him we could go farther together but we’re separated by finances. Even down if we order door dash I’m always expected to pay because he feels his monthly contribution is enough. When I bring anything up about finances, he always will say” Your all about the money aren’t you?” The relationship has never been about money. I just feel in a marriage you both should contribute.

  5. Man or Woman neither is perfect. My opinion of course on all of this, I just always felt that if you truly love someone to go as far as to marry, then damn it work at it, and fight for it and be there for one another always! and make it work!! Don’t lie, don’t cheat,don’t hide things and definitely don’t go hanging out with a chick and tell your wife that she has nothing to worry about she’s a lesbian! Oh my bad .. this has only happened to me? Well good for him and her I hope they make it work. I only wasted 31 years of my life but I’m so happy that he’s happy that’s the only thing we want for one another right? Is to be happy! Don’t worry I’m in therapy. F%@k him!

  6. My husband and I have been married for 19 months and he does everything mentioned except cheat. And that’s because he cannot function in bed. I can overlook that and be happy but he argues for every single thing. Many times I would say calmly, to speak softly or it’s ok don’t sweat about it…but nooooo ignorance kicks it then the narcissist behave override his mouth. I took that for 17 months and 1 day I just exploded and draw for a blade. Under that rage and frustration, I just could not have hurt him. I am an introvert and love peace and quiet but my husband fooled me into marriage, he told me we will reason without arguments, we will have sex everyday/ every other day and he would give me a baby….Only to get lies and mental and emotional abuse, arguments day and night, nervous breakdowns and serious headaches for days. Right now we are on a separation (for 2 years) then I will file for a divorce using a State Attorney which will be for free. I hope to find a good, sensible man 1 day.


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