Our body systems work differently. We cannot downstream an individual’s desire into a general one. In other words, everyone is unique. Losing interest in someone after intimacy is not considered a ‘bad thing’ or entirely good. Especially if it is someone you share an emotional connection with, maybe your spouse or your husband. In such …

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what does it mean when a guy kisses you slowly?

A gentle munch of his lips against yours is a great feeling. Slow kisses are a form of romance lost in some people’s love lives, while it blooms brightly in another’s We cannot begin to define the term ‘slow kiss’ as we would exhaust every word there is.  It’s divine!  Kissing is a universal form …

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12 Signs A Guy Has Never Had A Girlfriend

Signs A Guy Has Never Had A Girlfriend

The fact that there are still guys who have never had a girlfriend may be surprising, but it is true. They may be few, but they very much exist. If you are in a relationship with or about to start one with someone who has never had a girlfriend before, you may notice some weird …

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“Why Do Cute Guys Never Like Me?” 8 Reasons Why

Why Do Cute Guys Never Like Me

Have you ever asked yourself why cute guys never seem to take a romantic interest in you? You aren’t alone in feeling this way. It can be disheartening when it seems like the people we’re attracted to don’t reciprocate the same feelings. But understanding the possible reasons behind this situation may help put things into …

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16 Clear Signs You Are Obsessed With Someone

Signs You Are Obsessed With Someone

 Do you find yourself constantly thinking about someone? Do you think about them all day long and feel like your life revolves around them? It is possible that you may be obsessed with this person. While being infatuated or in love with someone can definitely make us do some crazy things, an obsession is a …

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9 Sure Signs A Player Is Falling For You

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re crushing on a guy who seems too good to be true? You know, the one who seems to have all the right moves, the perfect words, and just the right amount of charm to make you swoon? Well, I have been there, and let me tell …

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7 Reasons Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Get Jealous

Jealousy is not always a negative emotion. When it comes to a love relationship, jealousy can be cute. People want to know that their partner feels jealous when they see them with someone else. It gives a thrilling feeling that makes them feel loved and wanted by their partner. Having a partner who does not …

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