10 Signs A Guy Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

How do you know he wants you to be his girlfriend?

I knew my man wanted me to be his girlfriend even before he asked me because I saw the signs.

So when he asked, I was not surprised.

Matter of fact, I already had my answer ready and only took a short time before telling him.

If you have been seeing certain hints from a guy, but you are not quite sure what they mean, it is important to make sure your suspicions are right to avoid getting your hopes high only to get disappointed.

Although the surest sign that a guy wants you to be his girlfriend is that he asks you, you can tell from his behavior even before he asks, and that can help you prepare your response.

10 Signs A Guy Wants You To Be His Girlfriend: 

1. He Shows You To His Friends And Family

Signs A Guy Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

If you already have a feeling that a guy wants you to be his girlfriend, this is one of the signs to confirm it.

He will tell his friends and family about you and even introduce you to them.

Guys confide in their loved ones too, even on matters of the heart, and before he shows you to them, there is a chance that he has already told them about you many times before.

He likes you and wants you to meet the important people in his life, so he introduces you to them.



2. He Makes Plans For The Future With You

A guy who is serious about you will make plans for the future with you in mind. 

This could be anywhere from planning a weekend getaway to talking about his long-term goals and how he can fit into them. 

He is not afraid to commit, which means he wants something real with you. 

If he is including you in his goals and dreams, it means that he wants to make sure that you are part of his future plans. 

He is investing in your relationship and taking the time to plan out a future with you. 

This shows that he cares about your happiness and wants to make sure that you are part of his life for years to come. 



3. He Asks If You Are In A Relationship

Signs A Guy Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

One of the subtle but very telling signs that a guy wants you to be his girlfriend is that he asks you if you are seeing someone.

He has seen enough parts of you to know that he wants to be with you, but he wants to be sure that you are not with someone else.

His asking if you are in a relationship is not just out of curiosity.

It is an indication that he wants to know if you are available so that he can pursue you further. 

He may even start talking about what it would be like for the two of you to date and make plans about where you could go on dates or spend time together. 

These conversations show that he has already started envisioning a relationship with you, and he wants to make sure that there won’t be any obstacles in his path. 

He may also hint at wanting to meet your family or take you out on a special date, which further confirms his intentions of making the relationship official. 


4. He Spends A Lot Of Time With You

You can tell that a guy wants you to be his girlfriend by how often he wants to spend time with you.

When a guy likes you, he becomes fond of your presence and wants to be around you as much as possible.

He will put a lot of effort into seeing you, hanging out with you, and spending time with you.

You will get invited to his events, dates, and hangouts.

He will make sure to let you know how excited he is when you are around him, which can be a tell-tale sign that he sees you as something more than just friends. 

Seeing how much effort and time he puts into being with you it shows that his feelings for you run deeper than just friendship. 



5. He Pays Attention To You

Signs A Guy Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

This was one of the most glaring signs that made me know my partner wanted me to be his girlfriend before he asked me.

A man who wants you to be his girlfriend will be very attentive to you and your feelings.

He will notice little details about you, pay attention to the things you say, take note of your needs, and pay attention to everything about you.

If you notice that a guy is always there when you need him, he pays attention to you and gives you listening ears, do not indefinitely confine him to the friend zone.

He may just be warming up to ask you to be his girlfriend.



6. He Shows Your Care And Affection

Beyond giving you his time and attention, another sign that tells you a guy wants you to be his girlfriend is the care and affection he shows you.

Because he likes you and feels something special for you, he will be kind and caring towards you, showing you affection and concern.

You will feel loved by him because he takes every opportunity to communicate care to you.

He may show his affection physically by hugging you for longer periods, holding your hands, or even kissing you.

That is a sign that he finds you attractive and wants to take his relationship with you to the next level.



7. He Tells You All About Himself And Wants To Know Much About You

When a guy becomes interested in you, he begins to check for the possibility of things working out between you two.

One of the ways he does this is by telling you a lot about himself.

He will begin to give you a lot of details about his work and life.

You will get a lot of information about him that you did not even ask for from him.

He wants you to become more acquainted with him and get familiar with his life.

Similarly, he will be interested in information about you.

You may find him becoming very curious about your life, and it may even get annoying.

He wants to know something about everything: your family, work, mindsets, religious beliefs, etc.

This is because he is doing a mini compatibility check to know how well you both will go together.

After all, he is interested in you.



8. He Prioritizes You

Signs A Guy Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

You can tell that a guy wants you to be his girlfriend when you notice that he puts you first and above many things and people in his life.

He is willing to suspend other things and put other people on hold just to attend to you and give you his time.

You rise in his priority list because he exalts you to a high and esteemed position where you can easily get his time and attention regardless of the presence of other things.

This is a sign that he feels something special for you and wants to make you one of the most important parts of his world.

It is a sign that he will do just about anything to show you how much he loves and adores you. 

It is an indication that you are the one for him, and even though it might not be love yet, there is something special there that makes him want to commit himself to making the relationship work.

He wants to try.

He wants to make it work. 

He wants to make you the first priority on his agenda and give you all the time and attention that he can so that you will feel just as special as he believes you are.

And this is a sure sign of true love.



9. He Keeps Other Guys Away

Jealousy is another pointer to the fact that a guy wants you to be his.

When a guy wants you to be his girlfriend, he will begin to subconsciously “mark his territory” by trying to keep other potential boyfriends away.

He may get jealous when you give another guy your time and attention and act like only he is worthy of your time.

It may be annoying to you, especially if he hasn’t made his intentions known to you.

But reading this today, you now know the reason he is acting that way is that he is attracted to you and wants you to be his.



10. He Tells You

Signs A Guy Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

The clearest sign that a guy wants you to be his girlfriend is that he brings up a conversation about it and lets you know.

Regardless of the number of signs you see and notice, if he has not verbally communicated his intentions, it is wise for you not to assume what he wants.

While you may be able to rightly guess his intentions from his actions, there is still a chance that you may be wrong.

So, waiting for him to speak or having a conversation with him about it is better than assuming what he wants.

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