It is not unusual for a guy to crush on a lady he fancies.

Some guys who have a crush on you will be bold enough to verbally express their feelings, while some others may resort to using their body language or give signs in a way that will eventually communicate their feelings.

A crush is having romantic love or feelings for someone you do not have a close tie with.

It has to do with having strong emotional feelings for the opposite sex from a distance.

A lot of factors can evoke this feeling in a man, which can range from how beautiful the woman looks, her character, her intelligence, and her disposition about issues of life. 

The funny reality about this is that the woman that the man is crushing on may be oblivious to that reality since the man hasn’t come straight to her to make his intentions known by making a formal proposal to the woman to seal his fantasy and make it a reality. 

However, there are some noticeable signs a woman should look up to if she wants to know if a man is having a crush on her or not.

Some of those signs are discussed below.


1. He always wants to spend time with you


He might have a busy schedule as a result of school, work, or business, but despite this, he would always create time to be with you.

He wants to be where he can have access to you and make his presence known.

If he can’t make it physically, he will make it up to you through phone calls and texts.

When you observe that out of your male friends, there is that one person who is deliberate about spending time with you, just know that he’s got a feeling he’s nursing in his mind.

He would want to hear you talk and share your plans with him.

He deliberately comes to you for advice and to get your perspective about various topical issues of life.



2. He gets jealous

When a man has a crush on you, he becomes possessive and jealous whenever you talk about other men before him.

He yearns to be the center of your attention, craving for your undivided focus and affection.

As such, he will not take it lightly when you mention other guys in front of him, as it undermines his desire to be valued and respected above everyone else, including your male friends.

He feels uncomfortable with you discussing other guys around him.

When he sees that another guy seems to be getting close to you and you are hanging out with him, this sparks a tinge of jealousy in him.

His jealousy stems from his fear of being replaced in your life, a constant worry that he tries to hide.

This jealousy is a clear indication that he harbors deep feelings for you, revealing his secret crush.



3. He displays shyness around you


A man who has a crush on you will display shyness anytime he’s around you.

He may be awkward in conversations, avoid eye contact, and blush when you talk.

He also becomes tongue-tied around you, struggling to come up with words to say or topics of conversation.

The more he likes you, the more shy he will become.

This is a sign that your presence makes him feel vulnerable and exposed. 

But this doesn’t mean that he’s not interested; it only signifies his fear of rejection and embarrassment. 

He is trying to contain his feelings for you, but they are coming out in subtle ways like shyness. 

Take notice of this behavior; it may be a sign that someone special has feelings for you.



4. He always compliments you.

When you notice that a man is constantly praising and complimenting you for anything you do, know that the man is having secret, unexpressed feelings for you.

He may not appear confident at all times, but these compliments show that he is admiring you and expressing his feelings in a kind way. 

This behavior could be an indication that the man is trying to build up your self-esteem and make you feel special. 

It may also be a sign of his own desire for you to appreciate the effort he puts into making you feel special. 

Pay attention to the compliments and take them as a sign that someone is interested in you romantically. 

Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation for the kind words by responding in kind or thanking him for his thoughtfulness. 

This could encourage him to open up about his feelings for you and allow the relationship to progress. 

It may be a sign that the man is ready to take things to the next level, and it could lead to something special in the future.



5. He remembers past discussions


A man who has a crush on a woman will always remember the details of what you have discussed with them in the past. 

He may bring up topics that you two have talked about before or ask questions that show he’s been paying attention. 

They hold tight to the information you have given out about yourself, like your favorite dish, your birthday, your best color, your dreams, and aspirations.

Even if you have forgotten about your birthday, he will be sure to remind you.

This could be seen as a sign of genuine interest, as it shows he cares enough to remember the details.  

He wants to get to know you better and make sure you feel special.

So, if that man is always bringing up past conversations, this could be a sign that he has fallen for you. 

It’s clear that he’s trying his best to show how much he cares and to express his feelings. 

He’s showing you just how deep his love for you runs by paying attention to the small details. 



6. He wants to have physical contact 

A man with a crush on a woman will always try as must as possible to have physical contact with you through touch.

He might try to hold your hand, give you a hug, or place his arm around your shoulder.

When you are sitting together, he finds a way to make sure he touches your body even without you noticing it.

This shows that he is attracted to you and wants to be as close as possible. 

He may even try to sit closer than usual while talking or brush his fingers against yours when handing something over. 

These are all subtle signs that a man has fallen in love with you. 

If your guy has been displaying any of these behaviors, it is a clear sign that he’s in love. 

So don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling too.



7. He likes to ask you questions 


When a friend you know on a very plain note starts asking some deliberate questions about you, it means he’s interested in getting to know you more.

He wouldn’t ask you close-ended questions, which will require “yes and no” answers.

He will rather ask you open-ended questions that would require you to do a little bit of explanation.

He would like to know about your future plans and opinions on certain topics or even ask for your advice. 

For example, questions like, “How do you unwind?”,

“What do you do in your free time?”,

“Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”

He asks questions because he wants to get to know you. 

He wants you to be free with him. 



8. He runs his plans by you

A guy who’s having a crush on you will run his plans by you and ask for your opinion about them. 

He wants to know if his plans and ideas are good or bad.

He also wants to know what you think about them, and your opinion matters a lot to him. 

For example, he could ask you for advice on what to do in a certain situation or what path to take in life.

It’s important for him that you like his decisions and plans because he wants to be sure that you’ll still like him after making them. 

Your opinion matters a lot to him, and he values it greatly.

He’s hoping for your support and approval when it comes to his plans.

He wants to make sure that you approve of whatever he’s doing or planning to do.

Even if you don’t always agree with him, he still likes to hear your opinion and take it into account.

He would talk about his work, his plans for the future, and even his hobbies.



9. He smiles when he’s with you


A guy who has a crush on you will always have this subtle or obvious smile on his face when he’s with you or around you.

It’s like he can’t help but feel good when you two are together.

He loves your company and will always find a way to stay near you for as long as possible.

He looks forward to spending time with you and enjoys every minute that passes by. 

You never have to doubt his appreciation of being around you; it shows in his eyes and his smile. 

He’ll even tease you or tell jokes to make you laugh because he loves seeing your beautiful smile.

When a guy has a crush on you, it’s like there’s something special between the two of you that can only be felt when the two of you are together.

His fondness for you is expressed when he sees you, and his face is full of smiles.


10. He steals glances at you

When you are together with a guy who has a crush on you, he will often look at you and take his face away.

He’ll do this when he thinks you aren’t looking or when he just wants to take a look at your face.

It’s like his eyes can’t seem to stay away from you, and it’s an obvious sign that he likes you. 

He’ll be sure to catch your eye sometimes, too, so that the two of you can share some sweet moments together.

As he steals glances at you, he gets to admire your beauty.

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