12 Things A Married Man Should Never Say To Another Woman

When you get married, a huge part of your life changes.

Whether you like to admit it or not, deciding to get married to someone affects you and that person, not in a bad way but in a very notable way.

If you want to get married and are not ready to make the necessary adjustments, you should remain single because you are setting up a faulty foundation.

Certain things are expected of you once you get married as a man, but we are not about to look at all of them now.

Today, we’re only looking into “things a married man should never say to another woman.”


Oh, you shouldn’t be.

Remember I said many things in your life change when you get married?

That includes the things you can and cannot say to another woman.

Saying these things have a negative impact and sometimes dire consequences on you, your partner, or your family in general.

What are the things a married man should never say to another woman?

Get comfortable, I’m sharing them with you now.

12 Things A Married Man Should Never Say To Another Woman 

1. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve seen.”

things a married man should never say to another woman


I really would like to believe that no married man would say this to another woman.

Unfortunately, that’s not the truth, and so I had to add it here.

Telling another woman that she’s the most beautiful woman you have ever seen is inadvertently telling her that she is more beautiful than your wife, and that is just terrible.

Beauty is multidimensional, and you can see it in different people.

Being married will not stop you from seeing other beautiful women.

It is your job to see them and move on, understanding that you already have a beautiful wife that you should focus on.

It’s okay to compliment another woman within a reasonable limit, but telling her that she is the most beautiful?

That is just going beyond boundaries.

Whether your wife gets to hear it or not, it is wrong and disrespectful.

2. “Let’s hang out tonight.”

things a married man should never say to another woman

Being married does not take away the liberty you have to hang out with people, even women, when necessary.

However, it limits how, when, and who you can hang out with.

Telling a woman to hang out with you, especially at night and alone, is more like asking her on a date, even when you know fully well that you are a married man.

Without mincing words, you are opening the door for infidelity and unfaithfulness in your marriage.

3. “My wife and I are not on speaking terms.”

things a married man should never say to another woman

Of course, you and your wife will fight sometimes.

It’s what normal couples do.

Everybody knows that couples have rough times.

Informing a third party, especially another woman, of the big fight you had with your wife has no advantage.

Instead, it has loads of disadvantages.

You are exposing your family’s secrets and disrespecting your wife.

4. “I’m tired of my wife.”

things a married man should never say to another woman

Saying you are tired of your wife tops the list of things a married man should never say to another woman.

What are you trying to achieve by saying that, bro?

A mature way to deal with your marital issues is to communicate them to your wife and seek counseling or other solutions if things are out of hand.

Speaking to another woman will not benefit your already troubled marriage in any way; it will only further complicate issues.

Unless the woman in question is a therapist or marriage counselor.

5. “You are better than my wife.”

things a married man should never say to another woman

Let’s do a little exercise, shall we?

Close your eyes for a minute and picture your wife saying these words to another man, “You are better than my husband.”

How did that make you feel?


I think not.

No one likes to be compared in a demeaning way, especially not by their partners.

And in all honesty, there is no reason for anyone to be.

Especially not one’s spouse.

And just as I said earlier, whether you say it to your wife’s hearing or not, it is still bad.

Instead of magnifying the things that make this woman “better” than your wife, focus on your wife’s strengths and good sides and appreciate them.

6. “You have a beautiful body.”

Some people may not see anything wrong with this, but it is very wrong.

Complimenting a woman who isn’t your wife about things like her breasts, buttocks, and other personal things is wrong.

I mean, even single guys aren’t allowed to make inappropriate comments and compliments to a fellow single woman.

How much more a married man?

7. “I need someone to talk to.”

things a married man should never say to another woman

Not only does this subtly imply that your wife is not enough, but it is also a statement that can open the door for an intruder in your marriage.

Some women may turn you down immediately, which will be insulting to you.

While others will respond by giving you a listening ear which may progress into emotional and even physical infidelity.

8. “My sex life is poor.”

things a married man should never say to another woman

Comments like this or other comments that reveal intimate details about your marriage, whether they are true or not, should not be divulged.

Especially not to another woman.

Unless you are trying to get the woman to satisfy you in the ways that your wife isn’t, there is no reason why she has to know that.

If you are trying to get her to satisfy your sexual needs, that is an insult to your wife and your marriage commitment.

When you have sexual issues with your wife, the proper thing to do is seek help from the right sources.

9. “Do you have a man?”

things a married man should never say to another woman

There is no reason why you should say this.

If you were still single and available, asking this question wouldn’t be wrong because you may be asking to know if you should become the man in her life.

That is exactly what people interpret that question to mean.

When you ask a woman if she has a man, it is interpreted to mean you are interested in her.

And if you are married, that is a path you are supposed to stay away from.

10. “Can I have your number?”

things a married man should never say to another woman

No, I’m not saying you should never take any woman’s number ever again because you are married.

There are times when exchanging contacts with a person, or people will be necessary for one reason or another.

But asking women for their numbers just for the fun of it or because you are developing an attraction for them is not advisable.

11. “I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

This level of expression of vulnerability and reliance should be exclusively reserved got your wife.

Undoubtedly, there could be times when another person – woman or man can be so impactful and helpful to you that you feel a great depth of appreciation and gratitude for them.

You should generously express gratitude and show them how grateful you are.

But making a statement like “I don’t know what I would have done without you” to another woman because she rendered great assistance to you can be passing the wrong message.

There are many other ways to express your gratitude for the help rendered, such as;

“I appreciate your kind gestures and great help. I am deeply grateful.”

Or even asking your wife to join you in appreciating her by calling or paying a visit to her.

This is, of course, if your relationship with the other woman is strictly platonic.

If the help she rendered you is something you can’t tell your wife because you know she wouldn’t be comfortable with it, then you shouldn’t be taking such help in the first place.

12. “I hate my wife.”

This can be said purely out of emotions, and you don’t mean it, and it can be said from a place of deep hurt and sadness because of some issues in your marriage.

Whichever is the case, not only should you not be saying such a thing to another woman, you shouldn’t be saying it at all.

When it comes to communicating with the opposite sex, a married person, you can never go wrong with just being polite and formal.

Depending on your relationship with the person or persons concerned, your communication and interactions should be carefully thought out.

Applying wisdom and discretion is always the best way to go.

You can be nice and polite and have a good relationship with people while still establishing boundaries that show respect for your marriage and spouse.


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