8 Embarrassing Questions You Shouldn’t Ask A Woman You Love

Communication is a big deal in any and every relationship.

You cannot get to know your partner well if you guys don’t have meaningful conversations.

And this is more than the usual, ‘How was work today?’ and ‘How did your day go’ kinda talks.

You both have now passed the talking stage and have decided to take things more seriously.

Your love keeps waxing more stronger, and the conversations are getting more intense.

And now that you’re an item, you’re tempted to ask your woman specific questions just because you want to know her more.

It’s a welcome idea however, some questions are off-limits.

Yeah! You heard me right.

Women tend to be sensitive when discussing specific topics, and if you aren’t careful, you could get on their wrong side if you don’t learn about this.

I’m here to point your attention to some embarrassing questions you shouldn’t ask your woman.

8 Embarrassing Questions You Shouldn’t Ask A Woman You Love

1. How many guys have you slept with?

7 Embarrassing Questions You Shouldn't Ask A Woman You Love


How does this even sound?

What kind of answer are you looking to hear?

‘I have had sex with five men.’

That’s what you want to hear, right?

Come to think of it, why would you ask her that question?

It’s as embarrassing as it sounds.

As much as you want to know your woman better, you should also allow discretion to be entirely at work.

As long as she’s not a virgin, you should know she had seen a few men before she met you, and that is far safer for you than knowing the exact number of men she has related with.

Instead of asking her about the number of men he has been with, aka her body count, why not focus on building the relationship you have?

What’s more important is that you have her with you now, and you’re in love with each other.

2. Have you been cheating on me?

Trust is essential in a relationship.

When it’s lacking, suspicion sets in.

And that’s capable of leading to the end of the relationship.

Asking this, especially when you don’t have any evidence, shows you don’t trust her.

And the question is, why would you commit your heart and time to someone you don’t trust?

I understand we are in a world where transparency seems to have taken the back seat, and some people don’t see anything wrong with two-timing.

However, many credible women are still out there, and your woman might be one of them.

3. How much money do you make?

7 Embarrassing Questions You Shouldn't Ask A Woman You Love

Some questions aren’t wrong.

The way they are presented, however, could be.

For a woman you love and are looking forward to a lifelong relationship with, it’s good to want to know her financial status, just as you should be open with yours.

I’ve also discovered that some women don’t like disclosing their financial capacity to men due to different reasons ranging from past experiences and fear of being taken advantage of.

But then, some don’t mind, as long as the man is trustworthy and he’s not after their money.

Now, if you want to know how much your woman earns while discussing job and career, you could disclose your earnings.

Doing this will make it easier also to be able to disclose hers.

This works well.

Of course, there are times it doesn’t.

All in all, apply wisdom to this thing.

Don’t rush the process.

There are certain things you will get to know about her with time.

You might not even have to ask her before she tells you.

4. Why are you this fat?

7 Embarrassing Questions You Shouldn't Ask A Woman You Love

Women are sensitive about their looks.

They don’t want anyone making funny comments about their shape and weight, especially not from someone they hold dear to their hearts.

Some are battling health and hormonal issues or using medications that make them gain weight.

Imagine, if your dearly beloved woman is one of those, how will she take this?

Now, I understand that you may be genuinely concerned about her looks.

But there’s a way you can draw her attention to it lovingly and mildly.

How about suggesting that both of you register at a gym? 

Love comes with sacrifices, and exercise is good for the body.

She will even be glad to exercise with you at the gym.

And with that, you will also get your desire of seeing her lose weight met.

5. Am I better in bed than your ex-boyfriend?

This question reeks of insecurity.

Come to think of it, do you want your wife to compare you with an ex?

I sure know your self-esteem will spiral down to minus zero if you get to hear that you are not as good as her ex.

Keep your question simple.

I hope you enjoyed it.

What would you want me to improve upon?

These are better words to say.

6. Are you going to eat all of that?

This is an unnecessary and hurtful question.

She’s an adult and should be able to make her own decisions about what foods she eats.

If you’re worried about her health, it would be much better to invite her on a walk or ask her if she’d like to try a healthier version of the food.

This is a more respectful way to approach the conversation. 

7. Are those wrinkles I see?

This statement can come off as offensive and disrespectful.

If you’re concerned about your woman’s appearance, compliment her on something she looks good in, buy her skincare products, or suggest that you try a new skincare routine together.

This is a much more supportive way to show your concern than pointing out wrinkles. 

8. Why did you hang out with your friends instead of me?

It’s perfectly normal for your partner to have her own friends and separate social life.

Rather than being critical of the time she spends with her friends, it would be better to express that you miss spending time with her. 

This is a more respectful way to communicate your feelings rather than accusing her of neglecting you. 



As much as you’re seeking to know the woman you love on a personal level, it’s also essential that you learn the how, when, and what to ask per time.

You won’t be happy if you discover that the question you ask is what makes her cut off from you.



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