10 Mind-Blowing Things Women Bring To The Table In A Relationship

More often than not, when a man asks the question, “What do women bring to the table in a relationship?”, it is more of an insult than a genuine question.

Personally, any man who asks that question, particularly if he’s referring to me, will be greeted with my absence.

Because I have come to realize over the years that most men who ask such questions are usually men who demean women and have a high level of patriarchy in them.

If they didn’t, they would have clearly seen the immense benefits that come with having a good woman in your life.

Everyone, both male and female, as long as they are good people, has a lot to offer in their relationship, so I find it funny when someone consistently asks what one gender brings to the table.

If you are among the men who ask such questions, I have chosen to indulge you today and give you answers.

Also, for the benefit of people who genuinely do not know – for some reason I can’t understand – what women bring to the table in a relationship.

What Do Women Bring To The Table In A Relationship?: 

1. Emotional Support

What Do Women Bring To The Table In A Relationship?

Women are generally more sensitive and emotional than men.

They are more in touch with their emotions and, as a result, more prone to be empaths.

The woman in your life provides emotional support and succor to you when you need it.

As a man, it’s easy to not readily recognize that she constantly provides this until you’re in dire need of it.

2. Financial support

What Do Women Bring To The Table In A Relationship?

Men love to take pride in the fact that they are the providers.

And I believe I speak for many women when I say we are perfectly fine with that arrangement.

It is great for a man to be driven and focused, diligent and hardworking enough to provide for his woman.

But that doesn’t make the woman useless in this area.

Many women still offer financial support to their men and do it gracefully too.

In case you were thinking men are the only ones who bring money to the table in a relationship and marriage, you have another thing coming.

A growing number of women are breadwinners, and many others are solidly financially stable, and they bring that side of them to the relationship too.

I am in no way disputing the fact that dependent women exist, who do not provide financial support, but so do certain men.

It is not about gender.

Both women and men can be financially stable and support their partners.

3. Comfort

What Do Women Bring To The Table In A Relationship?

No matter how much of a hard guy you are, life can happen to you.

Tough situations and challenging seasons can confront you and bring you down to your knees.

When this happens, the last thing you need is to be ignored and expected to “be a man.”

Your woman’s calm words, soft embrace, and peaceful aura will be the solace that you need.

Women bring comfort to the table in relationships, and this is quite an essential commodity.

4. Physical Intimacy

What Do Women Bring To The Table In A Relationship?

No matter how much of an independent man you are, you can not cuddle or hug yourself.

In a marriage relationship, you can not get physically intimate with yourself.

Trying to do that has another name, it’s called – masturbation.

To enjoy physical intimacy at whatever level – be it a hug, a kiss, holding of hands, or even making love in a marriage, you need your woman.

5. Communication

A lot of women find it easy to express themselves to their men.

Yes, there may be times when she just wants to be a baby and expect you to read her mind for a bit.

But many times, she opens up and communicates her heart to you, letting you see her insides and inadvertently drawing you to do the same.

Women bring a unique dimension of openness and vulnerability, creating a great atmosphere for healthy communications that improve the relationship and, ultimately, the quality of your lives.

6. Fun

What Do Women Bring To The Table In A Relationship?

Women are exciting creatures.

I like to think that God was showing off his artistic skills, creativity, and strength when he made women.

The flavor and beautiful aura they exude when they speak or do anything, is amazing.

A woman can brighten up a room or your mood just by her presence.

Depending on her personality, she may also be bubbly and full of adventure, making you see the world differently and bringing fun into your life.

Her eagerness to tell you all about her day and bring you up to speed with the latest gossip is adding unusual fun to your life.

I know men who used to be stuck up, unfriendly, and reserved, living boring lives, but whose lives changed when they met their woman and married her.

They have become more social, fun, outgoing, and interested in adventure and fun.

7. Nuture

Whether it is kids, plants, or even your own well-being, women are capable of nurturing it.

They have innate nurturing instincts that make them care for and tend to people and things.

It comes naturally to them, and they do it effortlessly.

You may not understand how important this is if you do not know that whatever you fail to nurture withers and dies.

If the woman in question knows how to cook and loves cooking, that is another advantage for the man.

His belly will be taken care of.

8. Division of labor

What Do Women Bring To The Table In A Relationship?

Shared responsibilities are another thing women bring to the table.

Every time a woman is involved in a thing, she puts her efforts into actively working towards the progress of that thing.

Having a woman is having a sidekick who will take an active role in the responsibilities of that relationship.

Ranging from chores to parenting to bills, promoting a balanced partnership.

9. Problem-Solving

If she possesses good critical thinking abilities, you know you have won because her wisdom will help in your challenges.

Her problem-solving skills will provide solutions to challenges that arise in the relationship.

You also get to see matters from a perspective that isn’t yours and get new approaches to things.

10. Loyalty and Trust

What Do Women Bring To The Table In A Relationship?

A lot of women attach their emotions to their partners, and this creates a bond that is not easily broken in them.

They value loyalty and trust, doing their best to ensure that the trust between them and their partner is built and not destroyed.

They want to always have their partner and be able to trust that regardless of what life brings, they have their own person who’ll always be there for them.

This assists in building a strong foundation for meaningful and meaningful relationships.

Women bring a lot to the table, and the list above is not exhaustive.

Whether a person is bringing something to the table in a relationship or not is not about their gender.

It is about the quality of that person.

Men and women have a lot to bring to the table in a relationship when they’re both committed and ready to harness their qualities and strengths and make meaningful contributions to their partners’ lives and their relationships.

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  1. Sounds Good. But if that is what you bring you are a needle in a hay stack .In Reality They rarely exist who bring emotional support . Nor understanding. We as men listen and hear the woman’s ideas and concerns .As soon as we give our opinion or our thoughts in the discussion,we are now not listening and only care about ourselves. Same thing over and over because woman are more emotional that also makes them more selfish.


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