9 Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

It said that love makes people do crazy things, and the things guys do for the women they love are no exception.

From grand gestures to small acts of kindness, these displays of affection prove that chivalry is not dead.

Here are nine of the things guys do for the women they love:

9 Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

9. He’s not ashamed of her 

It’s not uncommon to see guys who feel shy about showing public displays of affection (PDA) with their partners.

Men may shy away from PDA because they feel like it takes away from their masculinity.

But when a guy truly loves a woman, he doesn’t care who knows it.

He wears his heart on his sleeve, proudly showing her off, and standing by her side no matter where they are or who’s watching.


8. He says it

This one might seem pretty straightforward, right?

Like, if a guy loves you, he’s just going to say it.

Well, for many guys, expressing emotions doesn’t always come easy.

It’s like they’re playing a game of emotional hot potato, tossing around feelings until they just can’t anymore.

So, when a guy actually steps up and says those three little words, “I love you,” it’s kind of a big deal.

It’s his way of letting down his guard, being vulnerable, and opening his heart to you.

It’s not just a casual comment.

It’s a proclamation.

It’s a commitment.

It’s the ultimate testament of his feelings.

I’m not saying every “I love you” from every guy is a bulletproof declaration of undying love.

But generally, if he’s saying it and showing it through his actions, it’s a pretty solid sign he’s into you.


7. He listens to you 

Men are egotistical beings.

They like talking about themselves and their own ideas.

But if your man is listening to what you have to say with full attention and taking it into account, that’s a strong indicator that he does care deeply for you.

It means that he values your opinion and considers what you tell him.

When a man’s family or friends can’t get through to him, they simply approach the woman he loves and urge her to talk to him.

They know he will listen to the woman he loves, even if he doesn’t listen to anyone else!

Men listen to the woman they love.


6. He makes time for you

I get it; the world is busy.

Everyone is busy.

But if a man loves you, he will create the time for you.

He’ll make sure that you are his priority and schedule around your availability. 

He will do whatever it takes to be with you, no matter how busy his life is.

He might be genuinely busy, but if he loves you, he’ll make time for you.

If a guy keeps making excuses for not having time to see you, he is not that into you. 

Wait until he meets a woman he loves, then you’ll see how fast he can make time for her!


5. He respects you 

I understand that sometimes, you have to teach a guy to respect you.

But if he loves you, he will be mindful of how he talks to you.

He won’t speak negatively or condescendingly towards you. 

He won’t use derogatory language for you or make jokes at your expense.

You won’t have to worry that he doesn’t care about your feelings because a man who loves you will do whatever it takes to show his respect for you. 


4. He supports you

No matter what your dreams and goals are, a man who loves you will be there to support you in whatever way he can. 

He will be your biggest cheerleader, encouraging you to pursue your passions and achieve what you set out to do.

He will also motivate and inspire you when things get tough, believing that anything is possible with the right amount of dedication and effort.

He will make sure you know that he is in your corner, guiding you along the way and celebrating your successes. 

So I’ll never understand why you’ll be dating a man who claims to love you yet doesn’t offer you any sort of support or encouragement.

I don’t want that kind of love.

A man who loves you will always have your back; it’s as simple as that. 


3. He loves making you happy

When you love someone, you want to see them happy.

Their happiness literally is your happiness.

Their happiness gives you satisfaction and joy.

A man who loves you will put in the effort to make sure you are happy.

It starts from little things like making breakfast or bringing home your favorite dessert to planning out special dates and surprises for you.

He doesn’t need to do it all the time, but he’ll make an effort for you and show that he cares about your happiness. 


2. He compromises 

No one is perfect, and when two people are in a relationship, they both need to make compromises.

A man who loves you will be willing to put aside his needs for yours, even if that means putting himself out of his comfort zone. 

He won’t hold it against you if he has to do something he doesn’t like to make you happy. 

He’ll understand that life is about give and take, and he’ll be willing to do whatever it takes for the relationship to work. 

If you are in a relationship and you are the only one making compromises, you are probably not the one.


1. He doesn’t want to lose you

Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

A man who loves you will do whatever it takes to show you he doesn’t want to lose you. 

He’ll go out of his way to ensure that you are happy and that the relationship is secure. 

He won’t do things that can make him lose you, such as cheating, lying, flirting with other ladies, taking your feelings and concerns for granted, and so on. 

He’ll recognize that your relationship is worth fighting for, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you stay together.



A man who loves you is not perfect, but he will do these things for you more often than not.

If you’ve got a guy like this, don’t take him for granted.

Appreciate him and reciprocate his love. 

May your love last!



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