Love, they say, is beautiful.

When two people are in love, it feels like heaven, and both of them want to be in each other’s world forever.

However, it is not always so, as there are times things go south and the love dwindles, and the love once shared can suddenly disappear.

Some relationships can last for some years before they part ways, while some end in a few months.

This decision might be very difficult to take, especially when the two lovers are deeply and emotionally connected.

A lot of factors can be responsible for the break up of a romantic relationship.

Some of these factors could be non-compatibility with each other, cheating, one party not being serious about the relationship as well as one of the duo exhibiting childish behavior, not being mature enough to paddle the ship of the relationship, amongst others.

As a woman in a relationship with a man, it is expedient for you to detect signs that indicate that your man is about to break up with you.

This will help you to guard your heart and be emotionally prepared to handle it before the bombshell is let loose.

While some guys come out straight to inform you of their decision to break up the relationship, it may not be easy for your guy to come boldly and be frank with you to announce his decision to break up with you.

Except such a man is wicked and doesn’t have human feelings to consider how this will break your heart emotionally.

Because he doesn’t want to directly hurt your feelings, he will begin to display some attitudes when he’s about to part ways with you.

Here are some of the things guys do when they want to break up with you:


1. He doesn’t confide in you anymore.


When the relationship is going on well, you are the first person he tells everything and anything.

Before he takes a decision, he gets you involved.

He tells you a lot of secrets about himself but the moment the table turned, he will begin to hide vital information about himself from you.

He no longer confides in you, he takes decisions unilaterally without you, and you are no longer an important part of his life.

He doesn’t see you again as his best friend.

And when you raise the issue with him, he becomes defensive and might even say you know you are just being unnecessarily sensitive.


2. He always sees flaws in whatever you do or say.

Whenever you notice that nothing you do or say stops being interesting to your man anymore, know that he’s planning to break up with you.

Anytime you are with him, you become an irritant to him.

Your words irritate him; your actions irritate him.

Even when you crack jokes to lighten the room, he finds it annoying.

When you notice these signs, know that breaking up is knocking at your door.


3. You catch him chatting with ladies on dating sites.


If you catch your man chatting with ladies on dating sites, it is a signal that he is tired of you.

What should a man in a serious relationship with a woman be doing on dating sites?

It is an indication that he is fed up with you and actively looking for a replacement.


4. He doesn’t plan the future with you anymore.

Since he knows that he is not ready to settle down with you and that you are not going to be a part of his future, he tries as much as possible not to discuss his plans with you.

If you have been dating a man that has never thought it wise to discuss and plan how the future will be for both of you or suddenly stops discussing it with you or gets angry whenever you bring it up, be wise.

Such a man doesn’t consider you as an important part of his life.

This might be a signpost that he’s planning to break up with you.


5. He doesn’t create time for you.

When you first started, he was always making out time for you to go on dates or just to spend time together, but all of a sudden, he started being “busy.”

And it’s not as if he changed his job or his work routine changed.

Just know something is not right.

So if he’s always giving excuses of being busy each time to complain that you don’t spend time together, he probably doesn’t have interest in you again but avoids saying it.

Even when you try to initiate dates, he does everything possible to turn them down by giving excuses.


6. He says he wants to focus on his personal goals


Whenever your man tells you he wants to concentrate on his personal goals and because of this he wouldn’t have time for you, he is stylishly breaking up with you.

If he is interested in you and loves you deeply he will always carry you along as he pursues his personal goals.

For a healthy relationship, both parties are supposed to be involved in each other’s plans and aspirations.

So, saying that he wouldn’t be able to attend to your relationship because he has personal goals is an indirect way of saying he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

He is just using his personal goals as an excuse to avoid breaking up with you.

After all, people get married and still pursue their personal goals without forgetting the commitment of marriage.


7. He is still skeptical about his feelings for you.

While he was still chasing you, he was so sure of his feelings; he was convinced you are the one he wants and no one else but all of a sudden, he is not sure anymore.

He is asking for time to think things through and be sure that what he feels for you is real.

A man that consistently tells you he isn’t sure yet about his feelings for you is indirectly giving you a sign of a breakup.

He is just there wasting your time.

How long will it take him to make his decision?

This is a flimsy excuse to not invest time, energy, and resources into the relationship.


8.  He is not as attentive and affectionate as before.

The days when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other are long gone.

Now his attention to you has waned.

He doesn’t listen attentively to you anymore or pay much attention to what he says or does around you. 

Even when the two of you are in the same room, it feels like you’re worlds apart.

This is a major sign that he’s ready to end the relationship. 


9. He stops initiating communication and delays responding when you initiate contact.

He no longer puts in the effort to stay in touch with you, even if it’s just to check in or say hello.

He also takes a lot longer to reply when you do reach out to him. 

This is a clear sign that he’s not interested in continuing the relationship and wants it to end.


10. He takes you for granted


He no longer takes the time to appreciate you like he used to and stops showcasing any signs of affection. 

He fails to recognize all the little things you do for him, making it feel like your hard work is going unnoticed or unappreciated. 

This is a sure sign that his feelings have changed and that he’s no longer into you.

He may not even be aware that he’s doing it, but it’s still a sure sign that he is ready to call it quits. 


As a lady, you should be sensitive to these signs when dating guys.

This will help you to prepare yourself emotionally to withstand the shock and trauma that could result from the sudden breakup of your relationship with the man you so much love.

When you notice these signs and more, it’s obvious you are the only one dating yourself, and it’s time to take the bull by the horn and confront him about his intentions. 

This will help you get an idea of where your relationship is heading and whether or not you need to take a step back.

It won’t be easy, but it’s necessary if you want to find out the truth about his feelings for you so you can make the best decision for you.







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