5 Ways You Are Wasting Your Life Without Knowing It

We are grateful for the gift of life.

You’re alive, that’s why you can read this.

Consider yourself one of the luckiest people on the planet.

No matter what you’re going through, at least you know that you have hope, as long as you’re breathing.

There’s no hope when one is six feet under.

While it’s a privilege to be alive, it doesn’t make sense if you’re living in ways that show you’re wasting your life.

How can you tell if you’re wasting your life?

Below are the ways you are:

1. No Value for Time

Time is important to life because time is indeed life as life is measured by time.

No matter who you are or your position, God gave us the same time which is 24 hours a day.

The way you manage your time will show whether you are wasting away or you are making your life count.

You must handle time like a priceless commodity, value time and use it judiciously.

Don’t procrastinate too because it wastes your time.

It’s easier to waste time when you think you’re young and still have a lot of time ahead of you.

But you can’t be so sure.

We know when we are born but no one knows when their time on earth will end.

Examine the way you spend your time and if you’re not managing it well, make a decision to value your time and spend it accordingly.

2. Not Setting Goals

You waste your life when you lack goals, targets and vision because there’ll be nothing to motivate you to achieve something specific; anything goes.

If you don’t have goals to achieve, targets to meet, or dreams to fulfil, what will you spend your life doing?

Be clear, setting goals or having a dream isn’t wishful thinking. It’s not something you make up to make yourself feel good or

To achieve your goals,

3. Avoiding Responsibilities

To waste away is to keep avoiding responsibilities; because responsibilities stretch you and help you to grow and develop.

As a matter of fact, taking up responsibilities could help you to discover and maximise your potentials.

But if shy away from responsibilities, you’ll limit your potentials because you will never know what you’re capable of doing and achieving.

4. Unwillingness to Improve

You waste your life when you give no room for improvement in your life.

You believe in doing things the old way. You are resistant to change and enjoy staying in your comfort zone.

Life is about improvement because what was useful and obtainable before are not now. Life is evolving.

There’s no better time to be open to improvement than now when times are uncertain.

Who could have thought that there would be a virus that’d make people stay home and cause businesses to shut down leading to the unemployment of many?

So, you can’t afford to revel in your comfort zone and not be open to change and improvement.

5. Always Having a Negative Attitude and Approach

People who waste their life usually have a negative attitude and approach to everything.

They always look for the bad in every situation and choose to see negative things even in great opportunities.

They’d give reasons why something cannot work while refusing to see reasons why it could work.

This makes them blind to opportunities even when the opportunities are staring at them in the face.

This doesn’t mean you should be full of unrealistic optimism, however, it’s a call to get creative and come up with possible solutions to the perceived problems.

People who are wasting away their lives will not do this, instead, they’ll come up with excuses.

And excuses cannot get you anywhere because you can either make excuses or make progress.

You can’t make both.

If you’ve been wasting your life in any of these ways, it’s time to have a rethink and make a decision to put your life into productive use.

Wasting Your life


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