Why Am I Not Attracted To Anyone After My Ex? The 5 Weird Reasons

Someone once said the term “ex” is a short form for “expired.”

I found it quite humorous, and while I do not know if it is true or just a joke, what I do know is that when someone becomes your ex, it means that they are now part of your past.

You may not cut ties with them entirely, but they are no longer what they used to be to you.

Your ex is your ex for a reason.

Something is responsible for them not being a part of your present and future.

You are supposed to move past them and get on with your life.

This includes meeting other potential partners and possibly starting another great relationship.

But what happens when the influence of your ex does not seem to wear off and you can’t seem to move on to another romantic relationship?

You may be meeting new people and even desire a new relationship, but none of the people you come across are appealing to you.

This may beg the question, “Why am I not attracted to anyone after my ex?”

There are many things that can be responsible for this, and I’ll share a few with you. 

It varies for different individuals and situations, but from reading the reasons below, you will be able to figure out what your reason is. 

Why Am I Not Attracted To Anyone After My Ex?

1. You are not over your ex

Why Am I Not Attracted To Anyone After My Ex?

I’m sharing this reason first because it is the most obvious reason.

The very likely reason why you’re finding it difficult to be attracted to anyone else after your ex is that you are not over your ex.

A breakup between two people does not automatically erase every feeling and romantic connection between them.

Some people move on from relationships quickly and easily, while others remain attached for a while.

If you belong to the latter group and, for some reason, you still have some feelings for your ex, this can be the reason why you are not attracted to anyone else, even after the breakup. 

Your heart can not accommodate anyone yet because your ex still occupies it. 

2. You are numb from the breakup

Why Am I Not Attracted To Anyone After My Ex?

You may not still be in love with your ex, but the effect of the relationship may not have worn off from you.

A relationship is not a negligible part of an individual’s life.

Any serious relationship where both parties are committed and fully involved in making things work becomes a major part of both individuals’ life.

If such a relationship ends, the effect will be felt greatly by both individuals.

It is not unusual for you to still be affected by the breakup, especially if the relationship lasted for long or the breakup was recent.

You may find yourself being lethargic about new relationships or even finding it difficult to find new attractions.

Even people who fit the description of your “spec” don’t appeal to you at the moment. 

Your feelings are now temporarily deadened to other people as a result of the rough situation you just went through.

It’s almost as though your emotions have been numbed.

But thankfully, it is a temporary situation most times and will wear off. 

Gradually, you will get over it and be able to love again. 

3. You have not healed

Why Am I Not Attracted To Anyone After My Ex?

If your relationship ended on a bad note or your ex was not a great partner to you, it may affect your feelings going forward.

Your bad experience has done something to your perspective or your person in general.

If you were badly hurt by the relationship, it is not unusual for you to not feel any attraction for people for a long while.

Relationship breakups can have devastating effects on people sometimes, and that can influence their future relationships.

You may not be attracted to anyone after your ex because you have not healed from your relationship and breakup with them.

If this is the case with you, then it is a good one in a way because it is not advisable for you to get into a new relationship without healing from the previous one. 

4. Your ex was amazing

Why Am I Not Attracted To Anyone After My Ex?

On the flip side of the point above, your inability to find another attraction can be due to the fact that your ex was top-tier.

Some partners are in a league of their own, and it is quite difficult to find someone that matches up to them.

If you had an amazing ex who was wholesome and amazing to you, and the relationship ended, you may find it difficult to feel attracted to someone else.

The memories of the kind of person that your ex is may linger, and you may subconsciously compare every new person you come across with them.

It is essential that you understand that, that someone was great and amazing does not mean that they’re a great fit for you.

That your partner was amazing does not automatically guarantee that things will work out between you both or that they’ll stay with you.

If the breakup was well thought out, and you both agreed to part ways, or they chose to leave you, it is important for you to move on and focus on the future.

5. You haven’t met the one

Why Am I Not Attracted To Anyone After My Ex?

Have you considered the fact that you just may not have met the right person yet?

In my opinion, it is even healthy for you not to be attracted to a lot of people just yet.

You do not need a lot of people.

What you need is one quality person.

What if the reason why you have not been finding anyone attractive is that you haven’t met your own person yet?

God might just be minimizing your confusion and saving you from getting hurt again.

With some patience and time, you may meet the right person and instantly know they’re the one.

Ultimately, whatever the reason may be, you need time to understand the situation and come out of it.

You may not have to do anything necessarily.

Taking some time to heal, get over your ex, and clear your mind of the past, is very important for you to move on from this. 


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