16 Clear Signs You Are Obsessed With Someone

 Do you find yourself constantly thinking about someone?

Do you think about them all day long and feel like your life revolves around them?

It is possible that you may be obsessed with this person.

While being infatuated or in love with someone can definitely make us do some crazy things, an obsession is a bit more severe.

Being obsessed with someone may sound like something cute when it is said casually and not with the full import of the word.

In the real sense of the word, obsession is dangerous and not good for anyone.

Obsession can be minimal and temporary, like when you have a harmless crush or liking for someone.

But it can also grow to an unhealthy level where it is now dangerous for you and the object of your obsession.

Let us look carefully into the signs that you just might be obsessed with someone.

These are striking signs that you should pay attention to because recognizing the warning signs is the first step to fixing any detrimental behavior.


16 Clear Signs You Are Obsessed With Someone

1. They Are All You Can Think Of


One of the earliest and first signs you are obsessed with someone is that thoughts of them consume your mind.

You think about them all the time, even when you are not supposed to, and it starts to interfere with your everyday activities

They are all you keep thinking of, and you even begin to daydream about them.

Something about them has drawn your whole being, and you can’t just explain it, but different thoughts of them constantly cloud your mind. 



2. You Get Furious When You See Them With Other People

You know you are becoming obsessed with someone when you begin to get dangerously jealous and protective of them.

Whether or not they are your partner, you just hate to see them show love to someone else or spend time with them.

You want them all for yourself and can not stand seeing them happy with other people.

Even if they have made it clear to you that they are not interested in you, it does not in any way reduce your passion for them.

Instead, it further fuels it and makes you want them more.

This is a sign that you are becoming very obsessed.



3. You Check Your Phone Countless Times A Day For Their Call

Signs You Are Obsessed With Someone

Another classical sign of obsession is when you keep checking your phone many times a day for a call or text.

You are restless and can not seem to function when they have not called or texted you.

This may sound cute, especially when the object of your obsession is your partner.

But when it becomes extreme, it is not healthy even for a relationship.

It is a sign that you are obsessed.



4. You Call Them Countless Times

When they don’t call you, you are not okay, so you call them.

Calling them once or twice is normal if there is a need for it.

But calling a person over and over and over again many times a day because you just want to see and hear them is a possible sign that you are obsessed with them.

Your calls begin to make them uncomfortable and choked.

You may not understand why they are feeling this way but it is because you have crossed the line of healthy communication. 

It becomes unhealthy when your calls and messages become so frequent that it starts to affect their daily life. 

This will cause them to pull away and not want to communicate as often, which in turn can make your obsession worsen. 

It can become a vicious cycle and it is important to recognize when you are pushing too hard. 



5. Everything They Do Is Right To You

One way to know that you are obsessed with someone is that you become blind to their red flags.

Even when you see the red flags, you ignore them completely.

Your feelings cloud your judgment, and you can not make wise decisions even in the face of obvious signs.

You keep chasing after them even when it is clear that they are not good for you.

You idealize them and think of them as flawless and perfect.

This is a dangerous sign of obsession, and you need to recognize it before it gets out of hand. 

It is a sign of obsession.



6. You Stalk Them

Signs You Are Obsessed With Someone

Stalking a person is one of the most common signs of obsession.

Going to far lengths to see and know about them without their consent.

Visiting their social media with anonymous accounts to see what they are up to and who they are hanging out with.

Or even going to their physical location to sneak around and find out what they are doing without their knowledge.

It is a form of invasion, and it can be extremely detrimental to the other person’s mental well-being. 

This is not just obsession, it is also criminal and can get you in trouble.



7. You Feel Empty Without Them

You know you are obsessed or becoming obsessed with someone when their absence affects your whole life.

The moment they leave, you feel anxious, empty, or depressed.

Your mood goes from 100 to 0 when they do not respond to your texts, and you begin to feel symptoms of anxiety.

When someone’s absence affects you so much that it leads to depression, that is an unhealthy liking. 

You should not be feeling these symptoms of depression and anxiety when someone is not around. 

The key is to stay grounded and connected with your reality while also making sure you are able to keep your feelings in check. 

It is okay to have strong feelings for someone, but it is not alright to let those strong feelings consume you completely.



8. You Lose Your Sleep

Another sign of obsession is induced insomnia.

When you are unable to sleep well because of them.

Either because you just keep thinking about them or because they are not giving you the attention you seek.

Your body becomes affected by your lingering thoughts of them, and sleep eludes you.

You may even experience some physical signs of anxiety like shaking, sweating, or heart palpitations, which may also be accompanied by feelings of despair, all because you can’t get them off your mind.

When this happens, you know that you have gotten to a dangerous level of obsession.



9. You Make Drastic Changes For Them

Signs You Are Obsessed With Someone

You may start by making little changes, like changing your interests and hobbies to impress them or match theirs.

Then you may progress to more serious changes like changing your mindset, lifestyle, career, house, or job to please them or to get closer to them.

You may even neglect your friends and family because all you can think about is pleasing this person

The more changes you make for them, the more desperate and clingy you become, which could drive them away from you altogether. 

Your values and boundaries take the back seat because you willingly begin to compromise on them just for this person.

This kind of behavior is a sign that you are too obsessed with this person and need to take a step back before making any big changes.




10. You Are Constantly Checking Up On Them

Another sign that you’re obsessed with someone is when you feel like you need to constantly check up on them and find out what they are doing.  

You might continuously text or call them, follow them on social media, and show up randomly to places you know they’ll be in order to see them.

You also get jealous when you see them hanging out with someone else or texting somebody, feeling like you’re losing them to someone else. 

This kind of behavior can make the other person feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed by your presence. 

If you find yourself doing this, it’s time to take a break from that person and work on developing a healthier relationship. 

It’s a sign that you are no longer just crushing on them but have become obsessed with the person and can’t even think straight. 



11. You Try Controlling Them

Obsession can also manifest as a need for control over the person.

You will find yourself trying to control the person’s life and behavior.

If they let you, you will manipulate and coerce them into doing your bidding, whether or not they want to.

You may start to isolate them from their friends and family in an attempt to keep them all to yourself. 

Or, you might try to impose your beliefs on them and make them change who they are. 

This possessiveness is never healthy for either person involved, and it’s important that you recognize this behavior so that it can be addressed. 

You may employ manipulative means like gaslighting or guilt-tripping just to get them to do what you want.

This is an unhealthy behavior that can lead to further damage in the relationship. 



12. You Turn Deaf Ears To Other People

Signs You Are Obsessed With Someone

Usually, when you begin to display signs of obsession for someone, your loved ones will notice and try to tell you.

Your friends and family may try to intervene out of concern for you, asking you to check your behavior.

Unfortunately, when you’re obsessed with someone, it can be hard to listen to criticism. 

Rather than taking their advice, you may ignore them and continue your unhealthy behavior

Your response to that feedback is likely to be negative.

You might ignore their advice, become defensive, and even lash out at them.

You may ignore them completely or even get mad at them for intruding into your life while you keep pursuing your obsession.



13. You Lose Touch With Reality

Because of how strong an obsession is, it can make a person become delusional.

You may begin to have unrealistic thoughts and imaginations about the person you’re obsessed with, possessing them in your mind.

You may also overlook all the signs that they don’t feel the same way about you, and that could cause you to become delusional. 

You might start believing that your obsession is reciprocated when it isn’t, or think of ways to make them love you back.

Your thoughts will always be centered on them, and this could lead to some really dangerous behaviors.



14. You Isolate Yourself

Signs You Are Obsessed With Someone

Obsession usually makes people withdraw from their loved ones because they do not want to be discouraged.

Instead, you might remain alone and think of ways to win over your obsession’s heart. 

This can be a dangerous form of self-isolation, as it prevents other important relationships in your life from forming or growing.

You could even become dependent on this person and neglect friendships that were once important to you. 

Isolating yourself from the people who care about you can lead to depression and other mental health problems, so it is important to stay connected with the people you love. 

When you are obsessed with someone, you give them your entire energy and time, withdrawing from other people and activities.



15. You Become Entitled

Obsession makes you begin to feel a sense of entitlement over the person.

You suddenly become entitled to the person’s life, demanding their affection, time, or attention. 

This can create a toxic environment in the relationship, as it puts too much pressure on the other person. 

You may also find yourself lashing out if your expectations are not met, which will only put further strain on the relationship. 

You will also become upset, resentful, and angry when they don’t respond.

This feeling of entitlement can lead to possessiveness and jealousy, which can cause problems in the relationship.



16. You Feel A Need To Help Them

When you become obsessed with someone, you may strangely begin to think the person needs fixing.  

You may think you are the only one who can make them better and that they need your help in some way. 

This could be because you want to feel like you are making a difference in their life, or it could be because of a need for control. 

You may start trying to change the person’s habits, ways of thinking, or even their appearance.  

You think the person needs a kind of help, and you are in the best position to help them.  



Obsession can be detrimental to your mental health and the people around you.

Recognizing the signs will help you seek help and take action to address the unhealthy behavior.

It is important to open up to close and trusted loved ones.

Seeking professional help, like seeing a therapist or counselor, will also go a long way in helping you manage the strong emotions you feel.

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