10 Heartbreaking Signs Your Husband Is Disgusted By You

Disgust is a strong and negative feeling no one should ever have for their spouse.

Momentary feelings of annoyance or even anger are not unusual in marriages.

I mean, I haven’t seen anyone two people who step on each other’s toes as frequently as married people do each other.

This is, of course, because they spend a lot of time in the same space and are more likely to see each other’s flaws more often than any other random person.

However, it should not get to a stage where they have a feeling of disgust towards one another.

Suspecting that your husband is disgusted by you is a serious issue that can surely get you feeling almost depressed. 

It may even start to affect your self-esteem and your overall outlook on the marriage. 

Before confirming your suspicions, it is important that you know the signs your husband is disgusted by you before jumping to conclusions.


10 Signs Your Husband Is Disgusted By You 

1. He talks down on you

Signs Your Husband Is Disgusted By You

You can tell your husband is disgusted by you by the way he speaks to you.

If he talks down to you and is constantly picking on you, then it may be a sign that he is not feeling any emotion towards you other than disgust.

A loving husband who is affectionate towards his wife will be kind to her with his words.

His feelings for her will be revealed in the way he speaks to her.

If he values and appreciates you, you will be able to tell through his words.

And if he is disgusted by you, his words will also reveal it.

You may find him saying terrible things to you and demeaning you with his words.

He talks down on you frequently, and you feel small and terrible in his presence. 

This can be one of the signs that he feels disgusted by you.


2. He shuts you down

If your husband frequently shuts you up when you try to speak or pulls you down when you attempt to do something, especially in public, it’s a bad sign. 

Something about you makes him feel ashamed and disgusted, and he would rather you just keep quiet.

He may do this in an effort to control you and make himself feel superior.

This behavior reflects his feelings of contempt for you and should not be tolerated.

This obviously will affect you emotionally and psychologically because your partner is the last person that should treat you that way.

But you have to notice the sign and identify it for what it is to be able to do something about it.


3. He does not want to go out with you

One of the things that can easily indicate that someone is disgusted by you is that not only do they not want to be around you, but they also do not want to be seen with you.

If your husband always goes to public events alone and turns down your invitation to go to public functions together, it can be a sign that he is ashamed of you, but that’s not all.

It can also be one of the signs that your husband is disgusted by you.

He doesn’t want to be seen with you in public, so he either doesn’t go out with you or he stays as far away from you as possible.

He might even try to avoid talking to you in public, and if that’s the case, then it’s time for you to assess the situation.


4. He does not touch you.

Signs Your Husband Is Disgusted By You

A man who is disgusted by his wife will not touch her or initiate sexual activities with her.

Even when she tries to initiate it herself, he will turn her down. Rather harshly too.

Intimate moments and fun activities in the bedroom fly out of the window. 

If your husband is no longer making eye contact with you or if he doesn’t look at you as much as he once used to, it might be a sign that he has lost interest in and respect for you. 

It may go on as much as him, no longer being as affectionate as he once used to be, or if he avoids physical contact with you, it might be a sign that he is disgusted by you.

Sometimes, even casual touches like hugs and holding hands become have become taboo.

When all of these happen, try to evaluate the situation and see if it is just a temporary thing or if there’s more to it.


5. He acts irritated by you

Signs Your Husband Is Disgusted By You

You can tell that your husband is disgusted by you by his actions.

Not necessarily what he says but merely by the way he acts.

He acts like you are irritating him and as if everything you say is wrong.

He may be rolling his eyes or giving off a negative vibe when you try to talk to him.

Sometimes you even have to double-check your outfit to be sure it’s not smeared by something fowl and smelly because he looks at you like it is.

This is a painful thing to experience, especially from one’s spouse, and it requires urgent attention.


6. He speaks negatively about you

Signs Your Husband Is Disgusted By You

One of the signs your husband Is disgusted by you is that he speaks negatively to you and about you.

It may break your heart to learn that he says terrible things about you to other people.

People you thought were your friends may have heard him criticize and belittle you.

It can be even more heartbreaking if you overhear it yourself.

He may talk about how disgusted he feels by you or how unappealing you are to him.

This type of treatment can make it difficult to even recognize yourself anymore, and it’s definitely one of the signs your husband Is disgusted by you.


7. He doesn’t want you around

Another sign your husband Is disgusted by you is that he doesn’t want you around.

He might avoid going out with you in public, and he may not invite you to important events.

This can be difficult to deal with, especially if it seems like he’s shunning away from you and refusing to spend time with you.

It can also feel isolating and like a clear sign that he’s not interested in being with you anymore.

Also, he seems to always be in high spirits when you are absent from the house or when he has to go out alone.


8. He stops caring

signs your husband Is disgusted by you

When your husband is disgusted by you, he’ll likely stop caring about what you say and do.

He may no longer be interested in conversations with you or even try to understand where you’re coming from.

He might also be disinterested in trying to help when it comes to household chores, decisions, and situations that require his input. 

This lack of effort can feel like an emotional blow and it can lead to a lot of resentment on both ends. 


9. He becomes overly critical

Signs Your Husband Is Disgusted By You

When a man feels disgusted by his wife, he becomes her worst critic.

Your husband now has something negative to say about you all the time.

Your dress is either too fitted, too loose, or too long.

The food you cook and the way you speak is no longer up to standard, and he complains at the slightest opportunity.

The worse part is that he can criticize you publicly in the presence of friends or even acquaintances.

This can have a damaging effect on your self-esteem and emotions.


10. He becomes aggressive

Signs Your Husband Is Disgusted By You

Depending on your husband’s personality, this can be another sign.

Some men become aggressive and extremely mean to their wives because they feel disgusted by them.

He speaks and acts in harsh and rude ways to you, and you may be confused and wondering what you did.

He may become verbally or physically abusive.

You should not tolerate abuse in whatever way it comes.

It is essential that you seek immediate help from trusted friends and family or from the necessary agencies that protect you from being domestically abused.

While we can work on the situation, it’s crucial for you to take a breather from the toxic and harmful environment, even if just temporarily.



Your husband being disgusted by you can manifest in different ways depending on your unique situation and his personality.

The signs are usually evident and unmistakable.

While the signs above are not exhaustive, the other signs you may see still revolve around these ones.

It is not normal for your husband to feel disgusted by you.

If that is happening, you need to initiate a conversation with him about it and seek healthy ways to move forward.

Seek professional help from marriage counselors and therapists if need be.

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