12 Telling Signs Of An Inconsiderate Husband

Do you feel like your husband is inconsiderate or have you ever wondered what the signs of an inconsiderate husband are?

I’m here to quench your curiosity thirst today.

Being with an inconsiderate person can be quite an unpleasant experience, especially when that person is your partner.

It can create an unhealthy relationship dynamic that can quickly become a toxic situation if not immediately addressed.

This is why it is crucial to be able to identify the signs and call them out.

How do you know a man is an inconsiderate husband?

12 Telling Signs Of An Inconsiderate Husband

1. He’s selfish

signs of an inconsiderate husband

Selfishness is the hallmark of an inconsiderate husband, and this is because many other signs that you will see in such a man are very connected to selfishness.

An inconsiderate husband thinks about himself ninety-nine percent of the time.

He always prioritizes himself, his needs, desires, and opinions over those of his wife.

He would rather opt for his preferred TV show or neighborhood to buy a house in than consider his wife’s preferences or feelings.

This pattern is not normal at all.

It is a peak sign that the man is an inconsiderate husband who doesn’t see marriage as the partnership that it is.

It’s all about himself alone.

2. He makes you stretch yourself

Making sacrifices, making compromises, and going the extra mile are all part of marriage, and they are not unusual.

However, it’s not an obligation or a necessity that one partner should act entitled to.

A man who constantly makes his wife stretch herself and go beyond her limits for him is an inconsiderate husband.

He’s always asking for more and making his wife step out of her comfort zone for his satisfaction.

Such a situation can quickly escalate and become manipulation, abuse, and control if not stopped.

It’s OK to make sacrifices for your man, but he shouldn’t always demand them, cajole, or force you to.

If he does, then it’s very likely that he only cares about himself and doesn’t consider your comfort and well-being, and that’s bad.

3. He’s reluctant to make sacrifices

signs of an inconsiderate husband

If you think that an inconsiderate husband making unnecessary demands from his wife is bad, that’s not all.

He has more up his sleeve.

This same man who wants his wife to go over the hills and beyond for him is unwilling to do the same.

It’d be a bit more excusable if he’s demanding a lot and still gives a lot.

But that’s not the case with him.

He’s a man unwilling to stretch himself.

An inconsiderate husband doesn’t readily want to sacrifice his time, efforts, and resources.

You may observe his unwillingness to compromise or find a middle ground, even during disagreements.

He insists on his way without regard for his wife’s perspective.

That man is not just a red flag; he’s a walking red canopy.

4. He doesn’t reciprocate good gestures

The idiom “One good turn deserves another” is foreign to a thoughtless husband.

We do not do good deeds to people, even our partners, just for what we can get in return, but it is nice when our goodwill is reciprocated.

If one person keeps doing good to the other and does not get the same energy in return, with time, they will be exhausted, give up, or even become resentful.

An inconsiderate husband is a man who can quickly make his wife resentful and angry because she keeps pouring into him, and he keeps receiving without giving back.

If you observe such a pattern in a man, it’s a sign that he’s inconsiderate.

He’s always open to receiving the good deeds done to him, but he never thinks about returning the energy.

5. He lacks empathy

signs of an inconsiderate husband

Another sign of an inconsiderate husband is a lack of sensitivity.

Kind and considerate men are usually very compassionate towards their woman, paying attention to her needs, pains, and reservations and trying to be there for her.

This makes it easy for you to identify an inconsiderate man.

He does not empathize or understand his wife’s experiences, struggles, or insecurities.

She constantly feels misunderstood or isolated by him.

If a man does not care about his wife’s well-being and shows little concern for her happiness, it’s a negative sign.

Some inconsiderate husbands take it as far as looking the other way even when their wives are in difficult situations, such as when she’s dealing with a health challenge or stress.

This is the same category of men who make disrespectful and insensitive remarks to their wives, demeaning them with their words, belittling their achievements, and making them feel unimportant.

It’s borderline narcissism.

A husband with such disrespectful behavior is an inconsiderate husband.

6. He always calls his wife a strong woman

I’ve long stopped identifying as a strong woman.

This is because the term that was once a complement and an affirmation has almost now become a curse.

Many times, especially in relationships, when a woman is called a strong woman, it’s usually because she has endured many things that she should not have.

It’s so bad that if a man comes out to call his wife a strong woman on social media, people begin to raise their brows secretly, hoping she’s not putting up with some unnecessary abuse and responsibility that she shouldn’t be putting up with.

When some men call you a strong woman, what they mean is that she’s hard as a rock and does not need any form of support.

Such men will likely dismiss their wife’s need for relief and ease.

That’s the kind of man who’ll always say, “Baby, you’ve got this,” and never say, “How can I help?”

When his wife has a challenge, he’s more likely to say, “What will you do about this now?” and not, “How can we approach this together?”

And no, I’m not saying that being a strong or independent woman is a bad thing; I am emphasizing the need for support.

If a man never sees the need to support his wife and always thinks she has it figured out all by herself, it is not a compliment, and he’s not praising her.

He’s most likely just being irresponsible and inconsiderate.

That’s a sign of an inconsiderate husband.

7. He neither communicates nor listens

signs of an inconsiderate husband

Another way to identify an inconsiderate husband is his failure to engage in proper communication.

He doesn’t care about his wife’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions, so he doesn’t even listen to them.

You will notice that he has bad habits, such as interrupting when his wife is talking or dismissing the concerns that she brings up.

This inevitably leads him to ignore her boundaries and disrespect her desires.

He wasn’t even listening when she communicated them in the first place, so how would he act on them?

The wife of an inconsiderate husband is constantly made to feel unimportant in her marriage.

8. Control issues

To an inconsiderate husband, his wife’s feelings and autonomy mean nothing.

He’s not only selfish when it comes to decisions around the family and the marriage, but he’s also self-seeking in matters relating to his wife’s personal life.

He wants her to do things his way and not hers.

It is either his way or the highway.

You may observe that he tries to control his wife’s life, making unnecessary demands on her appearance, friendships, lifestyle, and even finances.

9. He’s ungrateful

signs of an inconsiderate husband

Remember we mentioned that he does not reciprocate good gestures?

One of the reasons for that is that he’s an ingrate.

My friend once dated an inconsiderate man; of course, as with such men, she was always the one giving but never receiving.

The worst part is that he never showed appreciation for her contributions to the relationship.

I mean, she would support him mentally, physically, financially, and even in terms of housework.

But he never saw it as a big deal.

He saw it as his right.

10. Financial irresponsibility

This is a dangerous situation that can cause great havoc in the lives of the man, his wife, and their family.

An inconsiderate man makes financial decisions on his own.

He does not put his wife’s needs into play and does not consult her.

Of course, he’s likely to make poor decisions most of the time, which can strain the marriage financially.

And even if he makes the best of decisions, it still doesn’t make it right.

11. Ignoring his wife’s needs

signs of an inconsiderate husband

A critical sign of an inconsiderate husband is dismissing his wife’s needs.

In his head, he is the big picture and always wants to be focused on.

As long as his needs for intimacy, affection, or connection are met, that’s all that matters.

His wife may suffer abandonment and unmet needs because her husband keeps prioritizing his desires instead.

12. He doesn’t take responsibility

An inconsiderate husband is also an irresponsible one.

He’s swift to point fingers, especially when things do not go his way.

He never accepts responsibility and consistently blames his wife for the issues in the marriage and even issues in his life.

He simply refuses to take responsibility for his behavior and actions.

The signs when present are usually undeniable and easy to point out.

But just in case you haven’t noticed them, this post will open your eyes.

Identifying them is the first step; addressing them is the next step.

To address issues like this, you need to have open and honest conversations with your husband where you communicate your feelings and thoughts and then set the necessary boundaries.

Always remember that it’s okay to seek professional help if your marriage needs it. 

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