7 Surefire Signs He Has Romantic Feelings For You

Whenever someone starts catching feelings for another person, it’ll be pretty obvious.

Women are intuitive beings and can always smell these things from a mile away.

Do you think that he has romantic feelings for you?

You might not be wrong.

It’ll be evident in the way he talks and acts towards you.

But if you’re still skeptical about the signals he gives you and you need to confirm your suspicion, you’re in the right place.

Let’s take you through some of the surefire signs he has romantic feelings for you.

7 Surefire Signs He Has Romantic Feelings For You

1. He’s comfortable around you

Signs he has romantic feelings for you One of the top signs he has romantic feelings for you is that he’s comfortable enough to be his authentic self around you.

Ordinarily, most men act guarded around women to avoid revealing their flaws and risk these things getting used against them.

Also, they do not want to risk getting judged for making mistakes, but then, who doesn’t make mistakes?

They tend to build high walls and put everything dear to them within the confines of these walls.

That way, you don’t even know who they are.

All of that changes whenever a man develops romantic feelings for you.

He’ll start getting comfortable with you and let down his guard.

You’ll begin to see his true self because his mask comes off whenever he’s with you.

Romantic feelings come with a sense of safety.

He sees you as his haven, so he’s not afraid to be himself and act it all around you.

With you, he doesn’t have to worry about putting up false appearances or getting judged.

He might even be surprised at how open and honest he can be with you because he’s probably never been that way with anyone else before.  

2. He is trustworthy and loyal to you

Signs he has romantic feelings for you You can measure how much you mean to him by his dedication to you.

If you can trust and rely on him without any fears, he has romantic feelings for you.

Trust and loyalty always come to the fore whenever love gets into the equation.

You’ll confirm this by how he’s getting too attached to you emotionally and by how his loyalty gets deeper with every moment you spend with him.

Notice that he’s always careful not to hurt your feelings or mess things up between both of you because he doesn’t want to know how you’ll react if things go wrong, and he certainly doesn’t want to be the cause of your anger or pain.

While he avoids making you feel bad about yourself, he’s also willing and ready to do whatever it takes to make you feel secure and loved.

He adores the thought of being with you and doesn’t want to mess it up.

3. He wants to be close to you all the time

One of the evident signs he has romantic feelings for you is if he jumps at every opportunity to be close to you.

Generally, most men love maintaining close contact with their partner or love interest.

It’s just in their nature to want regular physical contact with their loved ones.

So, if he’s always willing to be around you and can’t resist hugging you, holding your hand, and maintaining physical contact, he truly has romantic feelings for you.

Body language speaks loudly, and from his body language, you’ll know that being with you means so much to him. 

This is because he enjoys your company.


4. He comes to you for support and advice

Signs he has romantic feelings for you A man who loves you will honor you, and it’s only natural for him to want to confide in you.

Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that whenever he needs help, advice, or comfort, you’re one of the people he’ll seek out.

With you, he’s not scared of making his stand on certain situations known and doesn’t hesitate to seek your advice on the next step.

You’re his confidant because he speaks to you about the things in his life.

If he does all these and more with you, he respects and trusts you completely.


5. He tells you how he feels about you

Signs he has romantic feelings for you One of the signs he has romantic feelings for you is if he’s not afraid to open up about how he feels about you.

Away from the signs he’s been showing, his telling you of his feelings is the most significant confirmation of your thoughts.

He’ll not be comfortable till he lets you know how he feels about you.

Yes, he risks hurting his feelings if you turn him down, but it’s better he tells you and knows his stand with you early enough.

I must say that it’s a bold move on his part because men don’t like to be perceived as weak by women, and if you ask me, professing feelings is a sign of weakness to many men.

Let’s look at it from this perspective – he must be intentional and confident to make such a move.

So, if he confesses how he feels about you, it’s one of the good signs that he has romantic feelings for you.


6. He’s very protective of you

Signs he has romantic feelings for you Make no mistakes – there’s a significant difference between protective and possessive.

While protection comes from a place of care and love, a possessive person is jealous, controlling, and manipulative.

Also, he’s ready to protect and defend you whenever someone tries to bully or hurt you.

A man with romantic feelings for you wants nothing less than the best for you and is willing to do anything to keep you away from harm’s way, as your happiness is invariably his.


7. He showers you with compliments

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What’s love without compliments?

That type of love has to be boring.

A man who has romantic feelings for you uses every chance he gets to shower you with compliments.

It might even get too much that you’ll think he’s overdoing or faking it.

But he’s not; he’s just saying it how it is, straight from his heart, so enjoy it to the fullest.

He’ll notice even the tiniest details about you and point them out – the color of your eyes, the glow on your face, your shiny skin, and even the ring in your laughter.

He’s not saying these things to appear friendly to you; he’s expressing his feelings toward you.

You’re the most beautiful woman in his world, and he won’t hesitate to let you and whoever else that cares to listen know.

And, that is one of the big signs he has romantic feelings for you.


The signs listed above are some of the most authentic signs he has romantic feelings for you.

If you still doubt his intentions towards you, have a heartfelt conversation with him.

Don’t forget to read his body language while at it.

Be patient with him if he hasn’t come out to tell you directly how he feels about you.

Perhaps, there are a lot of factors at play; he might not be ready to open up to you yet, or he’s afraid that you’ll turn him down.

It can also be that he’s waiting for the right time to tell you how he feels about you.

If you feel the same way towards him, you have to encourage him to be open with you.

I mean, there’s no harm in catching feelings, right?

It’ll take some time to figure out whether or not his feelings for you are real, but it’s worth it to prevent you from wasting your time with unserious people.

If he’s deeply invested in you, it won’t be long before you realize it.

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