6 Reasons You Should Always Wear Your Wedding Ring

Has anyone ever talked about reasons you should always wear your wedding ring?

Is that even a thing — wearing your wedding ring always?

There are a lot of questions that border this subject matter and are begging for answers.

Although a lot of people agree that as a married person, you should wear your wedding ring always, they don’t know why it is so.

In the same vein, there are also understandable reasons why some people stopped wearing their wedding rings after getting married.

It may be that their occupation hinders them from wearing rings, or the rings just don’t fit anymore due to weight loss or gain by the ring owner.

For some people who are private individuals, they choose not to wear their wedding rings to avoid all the well wishes and being the center of attention.

Then, there are the carefree ones who just don’t wear it because, to them, it’s not a big deal.

Well, I tell you now that wearing your wedding ring is a big deal.

Wedding rings are a meaningful part of every marriage and, as such, should be treasured.

Let’s look at some of the reasons you should always wear your wedding ring.

6 Reasons You Should Always Wear Your Wedding Ring

1. Wedding rings signify a commitment to your spouse and marriage

Reasons You Should Always Wear Your Wedding Ring A wedding ring is an emblem that portrays devotion and intimacy.

Exchanging rings at a wedding ceremony shows a couple’s resolution to dedicate the rest of their lives to each other.

It also symbolizes their promise to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.

Wearing your wedding ring always acts as a subtle reminder of your decision and the vow you take.

That way, you’re constantly reminded that you’re fully committed to contributing to the success of your marriage.

2. Wedding rings signify respect for your spouse

Reasons You Should Always Wear Your Wedding Ring The bedrocks of every successful marriage are genuine love and respect for each other.

During a wedding ceremony, the exchange of wedding rings between a couple is an open declaration of their decision to spend the rest of their lives together.

So, it’s common for couples to keep wearing their wedding rings after the ceremony to symbolize undying love and dedication towards each other.

3. It gives you a sense of responsibility

Reasons You Should Always Wear Your Wedding Ring One of the reasons you should always wear your wedding ring is that it bestows a sense of responsibility on you.

When wedding rings are exchanged at a nuptial ceremony, it signifies the union of two people in commitment and love.

It’s a sacred ritual that should never be taken for granted.

The moment a couple ties the knot, their lives become interwoven, and from that moment, they bear the benefits and consequences of the actions and decisions of each other.

So, it would be best never to forget that whatever step you take or your decision will invariably affect you and your spouse.

That’s why you need to wear your wedding ring always to carry a physical reminder on you everywhere you go.

4. It’s a symbol of attachment to your spouse

Reasons You Should Always Wear Your Wedding Ring In addition to being a symbol of love, respect and commitment to your spouse, one of the reasons you should always wear your wedding ring is that it’s a symbol of affection and attachment.

While it’s true that not all marriages in the world are borne out of love, this point is especially true for couples who get married because of the love they share.

In this case, wearing your wedding ring shows you’re very attached to your spouse.

It also passes the message that your partner has an essential position in your life.

Apart from being the symbol of holy matrimony, the wedding ring serves as a sort of memory holder that will make you reminisce about the good times you had with your spouse in the past whenever you’re missing them.

5. It gives children a clearer picture of marriage

Reasons You Should Always Wear Your Wedding Ring Children are very curious, and their reasoning isn’t as narrow as we think.

Whenever you flash your wedding ring, they have the assurance that their parents are committed to each other, and it gives them a sense of security.

To them, placing value on your wedding ring shows that you regard your marriage as an essential ingredient for making a happy and successful home.

It’ll help them know the value of being trustworthy in relationships.

6. Wedding ring helps to reduce the rate of infidelity

Reasons You Should Always Wear Your Wedding Ring The wedding ring is a representation of the commitment between you and your spouse in both the spiritual and physical realms.

Wearing a wedding ring tells the world that you value your partner above everyone else and have also taken your relationship to the next level.

On seeing the ring, people searching for their own spouse and who also know the significance of wedding rings will see you as someone who should be respected.

Because of this, adultery is avoided or, in most cases, managed.

Your wedding ring symbolizes the value you place on your marriage and your commitment to your spouse.

And although the symbolism of the ring is not lost to anyone, it’s a constant reminder of value and commitment.

Why Do Some People Not Wear Their Wedding Rings?

Here are some instances where some married people may decide not to wear their wedding rings:

Policy at the workplace

It can be that your workplace prevents employees from wearing jewelry.

In this scenario, you’ll be required to remove your wedding ring for hours or even days while on the job.

If your workplace has a firm policy that forbids employees from wearing any form of jewelry, you might find yourself ditching your wedding ring entirely after some time.

I mean, who won’t get tired of going off and on with their wedding ring?

So, rather than misplace or lose it due to wearing inconsistencies, it’s better to put it away in a safe place till further notice.

Personal decision

To some people, there’s no need to wear a wedding ring to show that you’re married.

A lot of couples decide not to show off their wedding rings in public because there’s no written rule for wedding rings to be worn at all times.

To this set of people, what really binds them is their promises to each other.


In summary, while acting as a sort of shield from unwelcome attention, your wedding ring shows the respect, commitment, and love you have for your spouse.

There’s no good reason for not always wearing your wedding ring, well, except for those whose work ethics forbid them from wearing any form of jewelry.

If your wedding ring no longer fits due to changes in finger size over the years, you can always get a resize.

Except it’s proven that the wedding ring poses a threat to the health of the wearer, every other argument is not valid.

If you check on all sides, there’s no disadvantage to wearing your wedding ring always.

Devotion, respect, and love are signs found in a wedding ring, and these significances run very deep.

Be careful, however, of misplaced priorities.

While a wedding ring is essential, take care that you value the actual marriage more than the ring.

Your actual marriage is worth more than the perfect gold or diamond ring (or any other metal of your choice) in the end.

The love and commitment between the couple is what matters the most.


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