10 Common Signs A Man Is Done With You

There is almost nothing worse than being in a relationship with yourself because your partner has exited a long time ago without informing you.

Contrary to the belief that men are simple and easy to understand, sometimes men can be complex and difficult to understand.

Because they are sometimes difficult to understand, it is possible that you may not spot the signs that your man is done with you, except you are paying special attention to the details.

Many men don’t end relationships the moment they feel like they are done with the relationship.

They may still be in the relationship for various reasons of their own.

Some may stay because they are hopeful they can get the relationship back on track.

Others stay because they don’t want to take advantage of you.

Regardless of their reasons for staying in a relationship when they are already done with you, some subtle changes are evident in a man when he is done with you.

Recognizing these signs will save you the extra hurt and pain of grasping at straws and dealing with the confusion that comes with being in a relationship with a man who is done with you.

To help you identify the subtle and not-so-subtle signs that a man is done with you, I have curated an extensive list of the most common of these signs.

10 Common Signs A Man Is Done With You

1. He wants space

Signs a man is done with you

Don’t get it wrong; you shouldn’t always be in your partner’s space.

When you are too clingy to your man, he may start to feel choked up.

Men usually need their privacy to focus on various aspects of their lives, including their careers, families, and friends.

Scratch that… Most people need their own space, even when they are in relationships, to focus on several aspects of their lives.

So, it’s not strange for a man to want space in a relationship.

However, if he wants so much space to the point that he hardly gets to spend any time with you, it may be a sign that he is done with you.

If you feel that your man doesn’t just want to be alone with his thoughts; he wants to get away from you, you may be picking up on the fact that he is tired of the relationship.

Men usually want to spend as much quality time as possible with their partners, even while still having the required space.

So, if your man is avoiding you tenaciously, all in the name of needing space, you must get the memo that he is probably done with you.

2. Communicating with him is difficult

Signs a man is done with you

Communication is the live wire of any relationship.

It is necessary for partners to continue building and developing their bond through constant communication.

A sign that things are going alright in your relationship is when you find it easy to communicate with your partner.

You can tell him important things and even the not-so-important stuff, like how your day went and who pissed you off while you were getting a ticket at the train station.

However, if your man shuts down every time you attempt to communicate with him, it is a sign that he really doesn’t want to talk to you.

When your partner doesn’t want to talk to you, it can be a sign of many things, but it is most often a sign that he is tired of the relationship.

You need to pay attention to his other actions to determine whether they are a sign that he is done with you or just a sign that he is unhappy with something you did.

3. Intimacy seems to be non-existent

Signs a man is done with you

Another critical aspect of relationships is intimacy.

Intimacy doesn’t just mean sexual intimacy in this case; it is basically the accurate knowledge of a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so deeply that you can always anticipate the next thing they do.

Men usually present this stoic front to the world, but when a man falls in love, he starts learning how to express his emotions and feelings to the woman he loves.

If you feel that your man seems emotionally distant and unavailable, it is a sign that something is wrong.

When you don’t seem to know what is going on in your man’s life, it may be a sign that he is done with you and gradually withdrawing from you.

While I don’t support premarital sex, if you notice that sex with your man seems forced and like a chore, it may be a sign that he is done with you.

If he doesn’t seem to take pleasure in any form of intimacy with you, something is definitely wrong.

It may just be a sign of what’s in his heart; he is no longer in a relationship.

4. You are suddenly the only one putting effort into the relationship

Perhaps you could recall a time in the past when your man used to put so much effort into the relationship.

He would call and text frequently.

He would even initiate spontaneous dates just to hang out and spend time with you.

He used to do things to make you feel special and appreciated.

Suddenly, all these are now memories from the past, and it seems like your man is now entirely different.

He doesn’t make an effort to communicate with you, nor does he attempt to initiate those spontaneous dates like he used to.

It now feels like you are the only one trying to make the relationship work.

You call and text him frequently, even when he doesn’t respond.

You try to spend quality time with him while he avoids you tenaciously.

To cut the long story short, it’s beginning to feel like you are dating yourself.

When a man puts zero effort into the relationship, it is a sign that he is done with you.

5. He is always angry

Signs a man is done with you

Does it seem like your man has changed overnight from being a jovial person to someone who is always angry?

This is not a great sign for your relationship.

It is normal for your man to be occasionally upset because, with relationships, disagreements are normal.

However, when he seems to be always angry at you, this becomes a problem in the relationship.

It seems like you are walking on eggshells around him because nothing you do can please him.

When your man starts exhibiting this kind of behavior around you regularly, it may be a sign that he is done with you and he is trying to drive you away from him with his terrible behavior.

Some people don’t know how to end relationships when it seems they are done with it.

They start acting up until you finally let them go.

6. He is indifferent to you

Signs a man is done with you

On the other hand, your man may have reached the point where he no longer feels the need to get angry at you.

At this point, he just seems very indifferent and nonchalant about anything related to you.

The thing about this indifference is that it comes with a kind of uneasy peace.

You will be experiencing so much peace in the relationship that you may begin to suspect it because it feels strange.

If your man is indifferent to you and no longer bothers with arguing or getting angry at you, It may be because he is done with you and considers arguing a waste of his precious time and energy.

7. He no longer involves you in his long-term plans

More than anything I have mentioned previously in this article, this screams “I am done with you” loudly.

If your man no longer involves you in his long-term plans, you must realize that you are already at the end of your time together.

While some guys want to play with ladies and would never include them in their long-term plans, when a man who used to include you in his long-term plans stops doing so, it is a sign that he is done with you.

I used to know a lady who gave her all to a relationship, and it seemed like they were meant to be together for life.

When the guy was done, he kept stringing her along, but low-key went for another lady’s hand.

His girlfriend of over ten years found out about their wedding a few weeks later.

It was heartbreaking!

8. He is no longer interested in your life

When your man truly loves you, he wants to know everything about you.

He wants you to carry him along with everything that happens in your life.

A man who loves you is curious about your plans, dreams, and aspirations.

However, when that man suddenly begins to act disinterested whenever you attempt to bring up to date on the happenings in your life, it is a sign that your relationship is about to hit a dead end.

When he acts like he isn’t interested in anything you have to say, it is a sign that he is done with you.

9. He doesn’t meet your needs

Having unrealistic expectations that are not met is different from having unrealistic expectations.

Everyone has needs in relationships, and my needs I am not just talking about financial needs.

There are physical, mental, and emotional needs.

People need support from their partners.

They need to know that someone cares, and when your man begins to show a marked level of disinterest in meeting these needs, it is a sign that he is done with you.

10. He becomes abusive

Signs a man is done with you

I have never supported mistreating your partner because you feel you are done with the relationship.

If you are done with the relationship, tell your partner and end it.

It may seem cruel, but it is better than treating them terribly.

It gets even worse when he begins to abuse you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

When a man is done with you, he may begin to resort to treating you abusively.

Abuse is unforgivable, and you should never do that to your partner for any reason.

Another sign he is done with you is that he cheats on you.

Loyalty is the pillar of relationships, and it is finished when that is broken!

If you have read this article to this point and you can see correlations to your relationship, don’t panic.

The fact that your man is done with you is not the end of the world or your life.

If you are wondering what to do, the first thing you need to do is to communicate with your man.

Tell him how you feel he has been behaving like he no longer has any interest in the relationship.

Ask him to honestly tell you what he wants and then decide what to do.

If he is still stringing you along, as some men like, you need to decide what you want in a relationship and whether its current state aligns with your values.

If he tells you he is done with you, you should let go of him.

Holding on to that relationship may be as dangerous as hiding under a lean-to during a windstorm.

Don’t spend your life trying to make a dead relationship work.


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