When the topic of kissing is mentioned, what comes to mind?

Maybe you have a flash memory of your first kiss and remember how you once thought that was the greatest joy on earth.

How it was so magical and the emotions running down your veins.

Before delving into what it means when a guy kisses you first, let’s look at the wondrous possibilities of a kiss.

Relate a kiss to a scale of measurements with ranging numbers arranged in an increasing order.

The intensity of the kiss may drive up the scale to the highest number or close to it or reduced to the lowest number or close to it.

The intensity communicates the reason behind it.

In a much larger view, a kiss can connote different things depending on the culture, the context, and the situation.

A kiss can mean a sexual attraction, emotional attachment, a form of respect, a form of greeting in some cultures, and so on.

In the context of this topic, it is a way of non-verbal communication from a guy to you.

So when a guy decides to do this first, what does it mean?

Here are five things the kiss could mean



what does it mean when a guy kisses you first


He gently moves closer and slowly presses his lips against yours.

That action was recorded in history books as the first time he kissed you; as he slowly caresses your lips, the guy is also trying to say that he wants you.

He kissed first because he has been longing after you for a while, and Making the first approach to kiss is a clear indication of that.

However, the “innocent” and “clueless” you kept wondering what it could mean and why this guy was kissing you first.

Traditionally, the first kiss or attempt to kiss always comes from the guy.

However, this does not apply to all couples.

But following tradition, it should not come as a shock when he advances to kiss you first.

One of the reasons might be that he wants you.

The downside is that you have to be careful about what he wants.

Some guys want to find their way to get in between your legs and nothing more.

While the wonders of kissing work magic on you, stay sharp and don’t let your guard down.



As the night was getting longer, you were enjoying each other’s company on a romantic date somewhere.

His attention is slowly getting fixated on your lips, and in a moment, he leans forward to kiss you.

With the look in his eyes, you could literally hear them scream ‘I LOVE YOU’

That kiss was the prompter to announce his love for you.

In many cases, actions speak louder than words, and his kiss is speaking volumes already.

You may have been together for a while, and he feels it is time to take this to the next phase.

Or he even says the words right after he made the first kiss.

That would be the fluttering moment for your heart, a gentle kiss and a whisper of the three magical words.

Oh my.

I’m pretty curious as to what your reaction and response will be, though.

I hope you won’t leave him hanging in his thoughts and not give him any response.

Well, it’s your choice, and it largely depends on how you have been building your relationship.

Just know that when a guy makes the first kiss, it might be a scream and an indication of love.



An opportunity cannot pass him by.

He saw an opening, and he jumped right on it.

A guy kissing you first might not mean anything profound.

As we have discussed earlier, it may just be that he saw a moment to kiss, and he did.

His intentions are not fully revealed in such cases, but this often occurs when he is in his Playboy pants.

So he wants to add that kiss to his delusive wall of trophies.

So, no reason is attached to it; it’s just one of those things.

Where you will easily decipher this is the aftermath of the first kiss.

Does he make any follow-up attempts to communicate his emotions?

If not, then don’t beat yourself up with worrying about why he kissed first.

You were just vulnerable at the time.

In my opinion, guys who do things like this are probably descendants of Hitler’s bloodline because I believe It to be wickedness in its raw form.

I suggest that you steer clear of such scenarios.



what does it mean when a guy kisses you first


Another reason a guy will kiss you first is that he is not the timid type or has finally found courage.

As we have established earlier, kissing is a non-verbal tool to communicate emotions and desires.

In addition to his feelings, he has summoned up the courage to communicate it.

Hence, the first attempt to kiss you.

Maybe you have been coming a long way together, and he tells you how he feels.

This might come as a shock to you initially.

Just now, you were talking and a quick flop to kissing?

It will definitely be surprising.

But what’s the use of surprise if you like him back, and you know deep down that you were expecting that first kiss to come from him?

Well, everything is perfect in that scenario.

However, if you didn’t expect it, and you’re wondering what it could mean, “the courageous guy” could be the most likely reason he kissed first.



what does it mean when a guy kisses you first

Kisses are often considered the start of something.

It often marks the beginning of a romance and the perks that come after it.

Like the gunshot that kick-starts a race, a kiss kick-starts a journey of romance.

Therefore, his first kiss might mean that he is trying to start a romantic relationship with you.

It depends on the kind of kiss and the follow-up intentions after.

If it is a French kiss, i.e., the slow and deep kind, french kisses are often considered a precursor to sex.

When he kisses you like that and even tries to make his hands busy by touching sensual parts of your body, know that it is a clear sign that he wants to get intimate.

He kissed first to trigger the start of a romance with you.

At this junction, you have to be careful.

Maybe you’re not even engaged yet; all he might want is to get in your skirts.

He wants to “chop and pass” ( a Nigerian phrase to describe men who wish to use and dump ladies)

However, even with the intention of romance, this is only the case, for sometimes a guy makes a kiss first.

His form of romance might not entirely revolve around sex, just a harmless show of love from his side, that’s all.

A romance journey might be one primary response to answer what it means for a guy to kiss you first.

My final thoughts

Kisses can be dangerous as it is Soothing to the soul.

Dangerous because it sets you on a journey that can prove to be regretful later and soothing because it serves as a landmark for more excellent romance and sexual intimacy.

As we have seen together, the reason a guy will kiss you first may vary and differ due to context and intentions.

It may be that he is trying to communicate his love for you,

Or he just saw an advantage and is trying to get into your pants.

In all these, the most important thing is knowing which feeling is being communicated and why it is that way.

I believe It will give you a unique approach to knowing what it means when a guy kisses you first.

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