Cheating cannot only cause a lag in your relationship, but it can also make a significant impact on your mental and emotional health.

As many factors might have triggered cheating (regardless of which partner does it), it still does not justify the level of damage it does to a person.

That feeling of betrayal cannot be gotten over in the blink of an eye.

When you enter a relationship, you invest your love, time, and care.

Only to be betrayed later.

I can only imagine how it will feel like.

But there are signs to watch out for in a guy, to quickly know if he has the potential in him.

A large majority of guys can and will cheat in a relationship

But not all guys do.

Let’s not directly buy into the phrase’ men are polygamous.’

In order not to make a direct conclusion with no basis, there are some types of guys who will always cheat.

And with this fact, there are signs to know those types of guys that will cheat.

Therefore, to further avoid or curb the downing effect of a betrayal, you can quickly save yourself from the devastating feeling if you spot these signs in them.



types of guys who will always cheat

Flirting and mingling are like an inborn trait to this set of guys; they are the real OGs of flirting.

They have charisma and the charm that follow suit and make the ‘playboy’ character an easy feat.

If, at the start of the relationship, you knew deep down that he could have asked several other girls the big question.

You have even wondered how you ended up together in the first place.

You see, the thing about guys like this is that, consciously or unconsciously, they have an affinity for a flock of ladies around them.

His natural attraction to ladies makes him a central target that ladies move around.

Expect integrity and commitment are some of his strong virtues; it will be hard for such a guy to stay true to you.

It is also important to note that some guys deliberately choose the ‘Playboy’ character because they are hooked in the sense of not being committed.

Lack of commitment and an affinity for cheating might have stemmed from upbringing, childhood experiences, peer influence, and so on.

Overall, a guy who automatically has a good affinity for many ladies will most likely cheat on you.



He doesn’t allow you near his phone, frequently ignores calls, or secretly goes out to receive phone calls.

As understandable and justifiable as not wanting your partner to go through your phone excessively, transparency is still a responsibility.

We quickly hide our secrets under “privacy” and blame the other party for the violation.

While this is partly true, it is not totally the case in relationships, especially with guys with the intention of cheating already.

His path, if being secretive, is to detach you from knowing what exactly is going on.

If he comes late to a schedule or defaults on something, he always has an excuse of ‘something’ coming up and no due explanation for what came up.

These guys think they can juggle the extra affairs and the relationship together.

So they are another black sheep to watch out for.

He doesn’t tell you anything, even when you ask about a consistent female co-worker; he shrugs it off as just a friend.

I understand that many guys can successfully keep female friends with no strings attached.

But as I said, just a few can do that.

Just know that if he is being secretive or pushes out of some personal areas in his life, there is probably an affinity in him for cheating.



Insecurity can be terrible in a relationship, not just in the context of the relationship alone but also in his life.

Suppose he always seeks validation and is always indifferent about a decision. In that case, there’s a tendency that apart from you, the main partner, there will be a side chick that backs up his decision, too.

This trait or character might stem from his nature or a developed character to not stay committed.

And no commitment means that he is available for others.

In other words, cheating.



types of guys who will always cheat

Sex is a good thing; in fact, it is healthy.

And because we are not the same, our desire for sex also varies.

Libido differs. Naturally, a man’s sex drive is always higher than that of a woman.

A man will always want to do “it” whenever he sees it.

When the sexual desires become excessive and constant, there’s a tendency that if he doesn’t get it at home, he will seek satisfaction elsewhere.

These guys don’t often consider it cheating, just a means to satisfaction, that’s all.

I’m not trying to invalidate sex, nor am I trying to control people’s libido, but a limit has been there.

In some guy’s cases, owing to their upbringing or culture, they see having high sexual desire and sleeping around as a regular thing.

It’s just a testament to their prolific nature.

This is laughable to an extent because while men might hold the world record for the highest sexual drive, they cannot stand in the same line.



First off, cheating is not a one-gender thing; any gender can cheat on the other. A woman can do it the same way a guy can.

The reason behind it varies among the genders, though.

However, there are no justifiable reasons for cheating.

It only has one description.

It isn’t good!

However, owing to the fact that it is considered wrong and hurtful, why do guys still cheat?

It can be as a result of various reasons.

  • Upbringing/background- growing up, maybe he perceived cheating as a normal thing because of examples he saw around. Culture and environment can contribute to this, too.
  • Lack of contentment- when he is not satisfied with what his partner has to offer, i.e., looks, body shape, and the like, he immediately looks for another one.
  • He doesn’t love his partner anymore- the burning feeling of love has been quenched, and he is laying his eggs in another basket.

Diverse reasons can contribute to a guy’s decision to cheat, and different types of guys will, without any doubt, always cheat.

As we have highlighted above.

Some are not remorseful after the fact, and some are just deliberately cheating, and so on.

To always keep your guard and not fall into the vices of these types of guys, this article was curated specially for you.

And if you are already in a relationship, try and see if some of these signs are showing in your partner.

I would love to know how well this has informed you.

Let’s talk in the comments.

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