You can be clueless about this or even doubt if your husband can be ashamed of you.

First, you must understand that we are all humans, and, like exchange rates, feelings are flexible and volatile.

What you like today might be what you detest tomorrow, and in a marriage, it is often noticed that as time goes by, one party might be getting tired of the other.

This will often lead to the feeling of being ashamed of that person or completely detesting the person.

As I would always say, no marriage is perfect, and we all have divergent opinions and POV(points of view)

Before we continue, I want you to know that it is very possible for your husband to be ashamed of you.

A lot of factors can foster his feeling of shame towards you, it may be your character or the continual exposure to you just made him not to be proud of you again.

Or the all-enticing beauty and Barbie body shape are all gone, and you are just left with whatever is left. Or there’s a character switch in the way you do, etc.

All these are contributing factors to why your husband might be ashamed of you.

While we have highlighted some reasons why he might be ashamed of you, let’s look at how you know that this is happening.

What are the signs and signals to look out for?

Read on as we highlight various signs to know If your husband is ashamed of you.



signs your husband is ashamed of you

If there is a no outside date policy in your marriage or you don’t get to follow him to any function outside your home, it is most likely a sign that he is ashamed of you and he doesn’t want to be seen with you in public.

Imagine that one time you had a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, sitting across the table facing each other, you try to make a gesture by placing your hand on his and his reaction was a quick withdrawal of his hand.

He is definitely not comfortable with you being with him in public.

Or he was just uncomfortable throughout the night and even suggested that you wrap it up quickly and head home.

All these are signs that he is ashamed of you.

You’re not worth being seen outside with him, it translates that he isn’t proud of you by a tiny bit.

I cannot fully say that this is what you have done wrong to deserve to be ashamed of because it is a marriage and a lot of factors tend to contribute to one’s behavior.

Just know that if you have little or no public appearance with him, he is definitely ashamed of you.



signs your husband is ashamed of you

Forget the always, you have never met any of his friends, or maybe once in all the years you’ve been married.

Maybe at the yearly reunion they do, and he has only shown up there with you once, every time it comes up, he is always giving excuses as to why he cannot go with you.

Similar to not wanting to show you in public, he also does not want you to meet his friends.

Maybe you didn’t meet his standards, and he got together with you out of pressure, or there was a sudden change in your character that made him decide that he wouldn’t let you meet his friends to avoid embarrassment.

I would say it’s because you’re too beautiful to behold, and want to guard you jealously.

He doesn’t want his friends to see his astounding damsel.

But why would he hoard such a beauty?

If any man had someone like that, he would flaunt her around like a newly bought car, not restrict her to not meeting his friends.

So, if your beauty is not the question, other factors might have contributed to him being ashamed of you to meet his friends.



If it is not the way you’re dressed today, it will be the makeup tomorrow or the choice of footwear the day after.

Nothing you do is satisfactory, he has to be part of the wardrobe decisions and selections.

This might sound romantic at first, but it then graduates to a constant experience and you begin to wonder why he is like that.

Suddenly your walking posture is not good enough, and he starts to pay too much attention to how you look.

In this scenario, he even flaunts you in public and has open dinner dates with you.

But the choice of clothes and make-up were all screened by him.

More like he is ashamed of you being YOU.

If you decide on the clothes yourself, then the date is not happening again.

If this is how he treats your decisions on how you look and behave, it may be that he is not comfortable or ashamed of how you will look if seen with him in public.

It’s a glaring sign that are ashamed of you.



Let’s go back to our public references.

Imagine you’re both hanging out with a couple of friends, and you ask him, “Honey, what do you think of this new bag design?”

As you lean towards him, he doesn’t act as if you are there and ignores you.

Imagine the hurt.

Even at home, he is always shrugging you off and ignoring you every time you talk or do something.

I believe all these are a product of factors we cannot pinpoint, I do not know what is going on in the marriage.

Your husband ignoring you might be because of anger and might not have anything to do with being ashamed of you.

Who knows?

It is just a possible sign to consider.

If he is ignoring you both in public and at home, it is a sign that he is ashamed of you.



signs your husband is ashamed of you

It’s more like he doesn’t miss you, or he has forgotten about home, and spending time with you has become an alien concept.

He doesn’t appreciate having you around and prefers to be alone in the house all the time.

You will wonder ‘why’?

I could ask why too, I mean, you’re married, right?

However, as we have established earlier, we are all humans, and our feelings are subject to change.

If he doesn’t like spending time with you, it could mean two things, he is trying to take personal time, or he is slightly ashamed of you.

And we are considering the possibility that it could be the latter.

Finally, if your husband exhibits one or more of the above signs, it is most likely because he is ashamed of you.

And not to be in further doubt, I would say you confront him about it.

He should say with his mouth the reason he now finds you to be a thing of shame.

If you have built your marriage on a strong foundation of trust and communication, then a good confrontation is all it will take.

I believe a man that will commit himself to you must have seen all your flaws and imperfections before saying “I do”.

So why is he ashamed of you now?

Something must have happened along the line, right?

Stop guessing and take my advice for a good confrontation.

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