12 Striking Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

The universe is giving you signs every day: in your sleep, on your timeline, in your conversations, on the radio, in the sky, in synchronicities. Pay attention to them and piece them together. You will notice a pattern. The universe is communicating with you.” –RHONDA BYRNE.

Walking in divine timing and direction is exciting.

It saves us from many mistakes, trial and error, and heartaches because we’re only human and there’s only so much we can know on our own.

Identifying that special person who was divinely arranged for you is one of the best things ever.

If you see any of the signs below, it means that the universe wants you to be with someone.

12 Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone

1. Strange coincidencessigns the universe wants you to be with someone

I love how this plays out and how unique it is for everyone.

Some people experience puzzling synchronicities and meaningful coincidences, such as running into a person many times in different places, seeing their name everywhere, or often stumbling on their favorite song.

You may meet many people who resemble that person or start getting attention from people of their tribe or race.

Perhaps you also notice recurring themes or symbols related to the person repeatedly appearing in your life, whether in dreams, conversations, or general everyday experiences.

I met my husband in what looked like a coincidence, but this is a classic example.

He mistakenly sent an SMS to the wrong number – mine.

The message was, however, what I needed at the time, and I reached out weeks later to thank him, and that was how we discovered the mix-up.

We remained friends for years before our friendship evolved into a courtship.

Months after we started courting, we met physically for the first time, and the resemblance was striking!

We’ve been married for over seven years, and people still talk about how much we look alike; we could pass for siblings.

When it looks like your life is all of a sudden flooded with serendipitous events, especially relating to that person, you have a sign.

The universe is telling you that that is the yin to your yang.

2. Dreams

Dreams, trances, and visions are other ways the universe can point you to your person.

You may have vivid dreams or visions involving the person.

These dreams may be random or play out in significant ways, sending clear messages across.

If you notice these, it may be that you’re being offered insights-given messages about your connection with this person.

My mum shared how, as a child, she had dreams of a tall, handsome military man who came for her hand.

It didn’t make sense till many years later, she met my dad.

She swears she knew he was the one from her dreams when she met him.

If you’re a dreamer and have received clear messages through dreams and visions in the past, this is a solid point for you.

3. Attractionsigns the universe wants you to be with someone

Sometimes, the signs from the universe can be as simple as an appeal between you both.

Perhaps you’ve both been feeling a strong sexual magnetism towards each other, and you’re wondering what it means.

I have to interrupt this flow to say that if you feel this allure, it may just be lust and nothing more, so you have to peddle softly on this one.

But if the feelings persist, are mutual, and go beyond just a sexual feeling, it might be a message from the universe that this is your person.

You feel drawn towards them, and your emotions intensify when you’re around them.

This is accompanied by a deep sense of love, joy, and fulfillment in their presence.

I don’t need to say more; the message is clear.

However, this can sometimes be a generic sign and may not be sufficient for you to decide.

Even when you feel attraction, you need other signs to corroborate it, so keep reading.

4. Manifestationsigns the universe wants you to be with someone

Manifestation is a creative process that involves aligning with the energy of the Universe to create an experience that works for you.

Effortless manifestation is another positive sign you can observe from the universe in this area.

You may notice that your thoughts, intentions, and desires regarding this person seem to manifest effortlessly.

They’re everything you want in a partner, and there are no red flags.

It doesn’t mean that they’re perfect, but they’re close.

Thinking about them and being around them elevates your spirit; it is as if the universe is actively supporting your union.

My dear, that’s a sign.

5. Intuitive insightssigns the universe wants you to be with someone

Some call it their “gut”; others call it their spirit or intuition.

Whichever it is for you, what’s more important is that you recognize it.

If your intuition strongly guides you towards this person, and you just have a deep inner knowing that they are significant in your life, that’s a sign.

Your gut instinct may be strongly urging you to pursue a relationship with this person, even if it defies logical reasoning.

Well, let me be first to tell you that the divine doesn’t always align with logic.

Pay attention to those signs.

6. Matching energies

Energy doesn’t lie!

When your energy aligns with someone’s, you just know.

Perhaps, when you’re around this person or think about them, you feel a surge of positive energy and vitality.

You both easily resonate with each other’s energies, and oh, the bliss, comfort, and ease when you’re together!

It’s like a hand and a glove, perfect together.

7. Clear communication and understandingsigns the universe wants you to be with someone

This is one sweet sign you’ll likely observe if the universe wants you to be with someone.

This is one sign I observed with my partner when I first met him.

You just find it easy to talk to this person about everything, and your communication is honest, open, and clear.

You feel a sense of mutual understanding and feel supported by them.

The universe knows this person is good for your heart, peace, and sanity.

So it is urging you to them.

8. Alignment and connection

Another way to know that the universe wants you to be with someone is that you may feel a deep spiritual connection with this person.

It is as if your souls are intertwined or you have a shared purpose in this lifetime.

You have inner alignment as being with this person aligns with your values, goals, and aspirations.

You feel like they complement and support your growth journey.

It’s way beyond physical attributes like their appearance, skin color, or body shape.

It’s deeper, and you know it.

9. Inner peacesigns the universe wants you to be with someone

A state of inner calm and tranquility can be what the universe uses to communicate that your person is here.

You just feel peaceful when you’re with this person, and you’re fully content.

And this doesn’t imply that challenges won’t exist; it just means that your peace is greater.

Despite facing challenges or obstacles in your path, you still feel a deep sense of resilience and determination to overcome them together with this person.

10. Divine timing

When someone walks into your life just in the nick of time, it can be a sign from the universe that they’re the one.

When events seem to align perfectly, you feel a sense of divine timing guiding your interactions and relationship milestones.

Then suddenly, here there come majestically walking into your life.

It’s not random.

It’s divinely orchestrated.

11. Signs and symbolssigns the universe wants you to be with someone

This is the most dramatic and creative sign of all, and it’s often fun to see.

Depending on your situation, the universe can communicate with you in a wide variety of ways.

For some people, it’s animal encounters; Animals frequently appear in their lives in unusual ways.

You may encounter your favorite animals or animals associated with love and connection.

It could also be signs from nature, such as finding heart-shaped rocks or seeing rainbows.

The symbol can be anything striking, but just within you; you know they’re interpreted as affirmations of your connection with this person.

12. Positive signs from others

The universe can use the people around you as its mouthpiece, and this happens a lot!

This rarely happens only once; it comes from different people at different times for confirmation.

Friends, family members, or even strangers may offer unsolicited positive feedback or encouragement regarding your relationship with this person.

It may be annoying, or it may be sweet and reaffirming.

But it is what it is – a sign.

The signs are usually undeniable when they’re there.

There’s a strong sense of support from the universe, almost as if unseen forces are cheering you on in your pursuit of this relationship.

Interpreting these signs can be complex sometimes and are often subjective.

It can also vary greatly depending on individual beliefs and perspectives.

You must trust your intuition and inner guidance when navigating matters of the heart.

It also helps to add a sprinkle of discernment and rational thinking to create a healthy balance.

This will help ensure you make decisions that align with your highest good.

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