13 Types of Men Who Leave Their Wives For Another Woman

I was pretty young the first time I heard about a man leaving his wife for another woman.

I remember wondering why anyone would leave their wife and what advantage the new woman had over the wife that attracted the man.

Of course, now that I’ve seen many more such cases, I know that while some men may have valid reasons, many other men do not necessarily need a reason to step out on their wives.

It’s something they just do.

Today, we’re diving into the world of men who leave their wives for another woman.

These men are in different categories, and we’re about to dissect them.

Perhaps we’ll understand their actions better.

Who knows?

13 Types of Men Who Leave Their Wives For Another Woman

1. Mr. Casanovatypes of men who leave their wives for another woman

Mr. Casanova is a serial polygamist at heart, and he’s one of the men who leaves his wife for another woman.

This guy can’t stand the thought of being with just one woman for long, so he jumps from his marriage and goes to another woman from time to time.

It may be temporary or even permanent; he’s always on the chase for a thrill.

He’s addicted to adrenaline and novelty, whether bungee jumping or starting a new affair.

Routine is not in his vocabulary; all he wants is to “feel alive.”

He’s on a quest for excitement and passion, willing to risk everything for a taste of the forbidden fruit.

2. The opportunistic man

The opportunistic man didn’t start his marriage to leave at some point.

When he said those vows, “Till death do us part,” he meant it—at least he thought he did.

But in life, you don’t know what you’re capable of until you’re presented with an opportunity to do it.

The opportunistic man was going about being a good husband until he was presented with the opportunity to have another woman.

The offer seemed too good, and he welcomed it with open arms.

He walked away from the commitment he had pledged to something that looked more promising.

3. The gullible mantypes of men who leave their wives for another woman

Gullible men are another category of men capable of leaving their wives for another woman.

Men like this cannot stick with their decisions and commitments without wavering.

When they get advised by their peers who are philanders or get enticed by another woman, they fall like a horse without a stay apparatus.

This man didn’t intend to betray his marriage, but it is often said that when you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

He didn’t stand firmly for faithfulness and loyalty, so he fell.

4. The insatiable man who doesn’t understand commitment

It was a famous Nigerian artiste, Rema, who sang, “I’m in love with Plenty women
I no mind marry all of them
E no matter the shape or color
I go make sure say I must collect
I get one way be my sponsor
I get one way dey call me honey… “

These lyrics summarize that he loves many women and wants them all because they give him different things.

A sad reality is that a lot of men who leave their wives for another woman fall under this category.

They’re Oliver Twists, never satisfied, always wanting more.

Their idea of commitment is as fleeting as their attention span.

These men also double as gold diggers because they’re always on the search for greener pastures, and every time they see a woman who looks promising, they jump at her.

Unfortunately, these men are usually about as discerning as a raccoon in a garbage can.

They’re always convinced that the grass is greener on the other side. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

But hey, at least he’s perpetually hopeful… or delusional.

5. Men with personal issues types of men who leave their wives for another woman

There are times when some husbands leave their wives due to something the wife did wrong, but most of the time, this is not the case.

Many men who leave their wives do so because it’s what they choose to do, and a lot of the time, it’s due to their personal issues.

Some of these men have issues like low self-esteem and are constantly seeking external validation from other women.

For some men, it’s trauma and abandonment issues probably from negative past experiences.

Perhaps they came from homes where one of their parents abandoned the other for a lover, so they’re just repeating that pattern.

For some men, their issue is that they’re addicted to some vices, habits, and lifestyles.

When a man leaves his wife for another woman, it’s usually a reflection of something going on on his inside.

6. Dissatisfied men

This man is unhappy and dissatisfied with his life or marriage.

He wanted to dedicate himself to his partner and no one else, but she kept disappointing him no matter how much he did.

He has tried everything to no avail, and going with another woman was his last option.

The dissatisfied man was a good husband and probably vowed never to cheat or leave his marriage, but it became unbearable for him, and he had to go.

7. The commitment-phobetypes of men who leave their wives for another woman

The commitment phobe is another interesting kind of husband.

He’s uncomfortable at the thought of being permanently attached to someone.

The commitment-phobe husband doubles as the confused man because you’d wonder how and why he got married in the first place.

He’s the kind of guy who breaks into a cold sweat at the mere mention of long-term commitment.

He’d rather bolt for the door than settle down, but here he is now, married.

That’s why he’s still rushing after other relationships where there are no strings attached.

8. Mr. Romantic

I find it ironic that sometimes, the men who seem to show love to their wives the most are the greatest cheaters.

Surprising right?

I know.

These men are helpless romantics, completely in love with the idea of love itself, and rush at every opportunity to experience it with someone new.

The “I Just Love Love” Lad can’t resist the allure of a new romance, regardless of the collateral damage left in his wake.

9. Men who don’t respect marriagetypes of men who leave their wives for another woman

Most men who leave their wives for another woman do so simply because they don’t respect the institution of marriage.

When a man goes into marriage without fully understanding the huge responsibility that it is and what it entails, he may act in ways that he shouldn’t.

Men who don’t have respect for their wives and their marriage don’t have a problem with cheating and may eventually leave their wives for another woman.

This behavior stems from a lack of regard for his union.

10. The self-proclaimed savior

Men who have the savior complex are another interesting set of people who leave their wives for another woman.

You can’t tell these men anything; they are simply convinced that they’re the knights in shining armor swooping in to rescue damsels in distress.

They fail to realize that they’re the ones causing distress in the first place.

They lack an accurate understanding of boundaries and can’t tell when it’s not in their place to show up or “help” a lady.

They make it their duty to “save” ladies until they end up in situations they shouldn’t be in.

11. The midlife crisis connoisseurtypes of men who leave their wives for another woman

Midlife crisis happens to many men but they handle it differently.

There is a special breed of men who hit their 40s or 50s and suddenly think they need to star in their version of “The Fast and the Furious.”

Instead of buying a sports car, they opt to chase another woman even though they already have a partner.

This man is undoubtedly experiencing a challenging situation in his life, dealing with a midlife or mid-career crisis.

He’s navigating a new terrain and confused, feeling like his personal life is a hot mess.

When things get tough, he does not find the right way out of his issues; he goes straight into the arms of another woman.

12. The gaslighter

Being married to a gaslighter is one of the worst things ever.

This man finds a way of blaming his wife for everything.

He may use the “It’s Not You, It’s Me” line, but he does not mean it.

He tries to manipulate his wife into believing that she’s the problem, which is why he’s stepping out of the marriage when, in reality, he’s the one with the issues.

He’s like the author of a book called “Gaslighting.

13. The escape artisttypes of men who leave their wives for another woman

For the escape artist, facing his life’s challenges or confrontations is an extreme sport he’d rather not engage in.

Men like this find an alternative immediately if any issue arises in their marriage.

Confrontation is not their forte, so when the going gets tough in marriage, like a magician, they disappear, leaving their wives to pick up the pieces.

This kind of man is unaware that challenges are a part of marriage and are meant to be addressed and resolved.

Different types of men make the questionable choice of trading their matrimonial vows for a shiny new model.

I’ve shared these categories of men with you so you can double-check if they approach you for a relationship.

And if you’re already married to one, you must approach the situation cautiously because of its sensitivity.

Have a conversation with your husband, seek professional help, and make a decision.

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