It is surprising to start receiving attention from a married woman.

One could question her commitment to her marriage as it would seem as if she no longer values her vows.

But having a crush is not such a bad thing.

And we cannot tell the current state of her marriage or relationship.

I would say you’re rather fortunate to have captured the heart of a married woman.

Maybe your handsome appearance exposed you to attraction, and your net ensnared a married woman.

Some signs tell whether a married woman has a crush on you.

Read on. Let’s get familiar with them together.



Signs a married woman has a crush on you

Remember what it was like when you had your first crush?

Back then, in your teenage years, when you had a slight crush on someone, you always showed concern for their wellbeing and hoped they were doing fine.

The person didn’t ask for this.

It just comes out of the abundance of likeness in your heart.

It is similar to a married woman.

When she’s always showing that she’s concerned about you and cares, it’s a sign that she has a crush on you.

Showing concern for someone we care for is a natural sign of likeness and can communicate heightened emotion in adults.

It may be that she always inquires about how your day was and how you’re coping with all the stress of work.

She would always want to go out of her way to ensure you’re alright.

All of these confirm one thing.

She likes you.

And she’s trying to communicate her feelings whether she knows it.



Signs a married woman has a crush on you

The constant ‘ha-ha’ to your jokes and even to everything you say is a telling sign that she might have a crush on you.

Her laughter is always off the roof whenever you comment about something, and you probably make a slight joke.

And you wonder to yourself, ‘Was I really that funny?’

‘Maybe I should consider quitting my job and becoming a stand-up comedian. Who knows, I might be the next Kevin Hart.’

Snap back into reality.

You would eventually embarrass yourself on stage.

Her crush on you fuels her attention on your words more than it should, so her constant laughter translates to her enjoying your company.

Therefore, a married woman who constantly finds you funny probably has a crush on you.

So scratch that thought of being a comedian.

Just stick to your current job.

It’s not that I don’t want you to be a comedian. I just don’t want to see you fail.




Signs a married woman has a crush on you

When questions that involve getting into our personal lives are asked, we can tell that the one inquiring probably wants to be fully invested in it.

The people around you who are privy to the details of your personal life are those you hold dear and those who have a special place in your heart.

So it is tagged ‘unusual’ when a married woman starts investing her time to get to know your personal life.

Her interest might stem from a place of her liking you at first. So, she proceeds to ask personal questions.

She is trying to keep the communication open.

The more I know, the more we can talk about, right?

And when we open up to someone, it deepens our connection

An interest in your personal life screams, ‘I want to be a part of your life.’




Signs a married woman has a crush on you

An average hug should take at most a second.

With her being married, you should even opt for the option of a side hug or no hug at all.

But she insists on hugging you, and the hug duration is getting too long.

You should deduce that there might be something attached to the prolonged hug.

This will keep repeating itself, especially if proximity is not a barrier; maybe she stays nearby, or you both work at the same place.

There are various non-verbal ways of communicating one’s emotions, and a prolonged hug is one of them.

When her hug seems to be getting more prolonged than usual, it’s a sign that she has a crush on you.




Signs a married woman has a crush on you

Does her eyes always tell you something?

Maybe she winks at you frequently or even holds your gaze for longer than usual.

It is one of the ways of non-verbal communication of emotions is through the eyes.

There is a particular way she always stares at you, and it makes it clear that she has a crush on you.

Remember when you’ve liked someone and your friend randomly asks if you want that person, and you say, ‘Why do you ask?’ your friend replies, ‘I have seen the way you look at her.’

It means your gaze on her said a lot about how your heart feels for her.

This might also be the case when a married woman has a crush on you.

She can’t tell you directly, but her eyes are always looking your way.

Pay attention to the way she looks at you and how it makes you feel.




Signs a married woman has a crush on you

Her calls come in like a sequential alarm set at intervals.

And she claims she wants to hear your voice and say hello.

This repeats for different hours of the day, and you start to wonder ‘why’ it’s happening.

What she is trying to do is to make sure the communication line is open.

And this is from the fact that she has a crush on you.




Signs a married woman has a crush on you

Married or not, we all get possessive and guard what we cherish jealously.

If being with other women suddenly sparks her up and she becomes possessive, She has a crush on you.

She will do everything to shift your attention away from that person.

Maybe you work at the same place, and every time she sees you with another female worker, she starts getting on the offensive and tries to take you away.

Emotions make us do things we won’t attempt on a typical day, so in her defense, she is doing everything to protect you because she wants you for herself.




Signs a married woman has a crush on you

A married woman will crave your attention to establish a lasting connection with you further.

She will always find an excuse to call or visit.

It’s normal and natural to miss someone.

Especially someone you have a crush on.

If frequent calls are something that is now constant among you guys, the context of missing you would always be in your conversation.

If she is missing you, it’s a sure sign that she’s having feelings for you, and this could be the start of an affair. 

Be aware of any signs that may show how much she needs to talk to you or just meet up.

It may also mean that she wants something more out of the relationship than just friendship.



The signs a married woman has a crush on may vary.

As I have stated earlier, you should look on the bright side and consider yourself one of a kind to have been able to have the attention of a married woman.

To further clarify, a CRUSH does not equate to LOVE but leads to love.

So do not assume that it’s love already.

It’s just a crush.

She might wake up the next day and see another more worthy of her attention than you.

What if she meets me?

I am one of a kind too, you know?

But let’s stay on track.

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