What Do Guys Find Sexually Attractive? These 6 Things

What do guys find sexually attractive?

This is a huge question because attraction is a complex and multi-faceted aspect of human behavior and is different for everyone.

While some certain traits and behaviors are generally seen as attractive to men, individual preferences can vary greatly.

Society has made us women think that we need to be tall, fair, and skinny to be sexually attractive to men.

But this isn’t true for every man.

Some men find women with the exact opposite features more sexually appealing. 

Keeping in mind that attraction is highly personal and what one man finds attractive may not be the same for another, let’s delve into the fascinating world of what men find sexually attractive and why.

What Do Guys Find Sexually Attractive?

#1 Confidence

What Do Guys Find Sexually Attractive?

Confidence is a quality that men find sexually attractive in women.

It’s the ability to be your own person and stand up for yourself, even in the face of adversity.

Confidence is knowing that you’re enough, and being willing to let others see that.

It’s the ability to feel comfortable in your own skin, not being worried about what other people think, and not trying to live up to anyone else’s standards.

Confident women are generally happier than their less-confident counterparts, because they’re content with who they are and don’t feel they have to prove anything to anyone.

When a man sees a woman who is confident in herself and her abilities, it’s like an aphrodisiac—it makes him want to find out more about her.

He wants to know why she feels so good about herself, and how he can get some of that for himself.

Men are also attracted to confident women because they know that they can trust them, that they won’t feel like they need to play games or pretend, and that they can just be themselves, and their partner will love them for it.

Confident women are also more likely to communicate openly about what they want and don’t want during sex, which means they’re less likely to have unsatisfying sexual experiences with their partners, which is something most men really do care about.

In short, confidence is sexy, guys!


#2 Physical attractiveness

What Do Guys Find Sexually Attractive?

Physical attractiveness is one of the most important factors in a man’s sexual attraction to a woman, and it is the appeal of a person’s physical features or figure to the opposite sex.

It can be summed up as “a person’s overall physical appearance.”

Men are visual creatures, after all, and they want to be able to see what they’re getting—and that means being attracted to the way you look.

But while men may agree on some things when it comes to physical attractiveness, they don’t all agree on everything.

That’s because men are attracted to different types of women based on their own personal preferences, which is something you’ll need to keep in mind as you’re working on improving your appearance.

Not every man find skinny women attractive.

Some men are sexually attracted to curvy women.

So, think about what makes your body type unique and attractive to you.

Wear clothes that accentuate those features; get a haircut that reflects them; get into better shape so that it shows through your clothing; whatever you need to do in order to let the world know what makes you special.


#3 Playfulness

What Do Guys Find Sexually Attractive?

Men find women who are playful sexually appealing because playfulness is a sign of intelligence, confidence, and strength.

It is the ability to be lighthearted and open-minded without being shallow or superficial.

Playfulness shows a carefree nature, an openness to new experiences, and a willingness to let go of the stresses of life.

When men see a woman who can be playful, they’re immediately drawn to her.

They may not know why—it’s simply something instinctual that they find irresistible.

Playfulness is all about enjoying life and being in the moment rather than worrying about what might happen next or what happened yesterday.

It’s about being yourself and letting others be themselves too.

When a guy sees that you’re playful, he assumes you’ll be playful in bed too.

You know sex is more fun when you are playful about it.

Also, when you’re playful, you will be willing to explore your sensuality and a guy knows he can trust you to be open-minded about his preferences and interests, too.


#4 Intelligence 

What Do Guys Find Sexually Attractive?

Intelligence is the ability to learn, understand or deal with new or trying situations.

The reason that men find intelligence to be so sexually appealing is because it shows a woman has a great ability to adapt and learn new things and that she has a strong mental capacity and can handle herself if she finds herself in difficult situations.

Intelligence also shows that a woman will not be easily manipulated by others because she has her own mind and thoughts that are separate from what other people think or feel around her.

Men like this because they will not have to worry about their partner being influenced by others, who may try to sway their opinion on particular topics or issues.

Believe me, I know men who have lost their marriage because their wives didn’t have a mind of their own, and were influenced to leave their husbands. 

So it’s understandable that men want women who have a mind of their own.

Men, especially, those who are sapiosexual, find intelligent women sexy because they’ll be able to hold a conversation and make him feel understood.

An intelligent woman will also be able to anticipate his needs before he even knows what they are, and that is incredibly sexy.


#5 Direct eye contact and smile

What Do Guys Find Sexually Attractive?

Direct eye contact and a smile are two things that men find sexually attractive in women.

It’s no wonder that men find these features so appealing—they indicate that a woman is interested in engaging with you and making you feel good, which is something we all want to experience.

Direct eye contact shows that you’re actively engaged in a conversation and listening to what the other person has to say, which is a sign of emotional intelligence.

A smile indicates that you enjoy being around this person, which also makes them feel good.

Men like to be able to tell whether or not they’re having an impact on you, and direct eye contact and smiles communicate this clearly.


#6 A woman who loves her body

What Do Guys Find Sexually Attractive?

A woman who loves her body is a woman who knows that being sexy is more than just looking good. 

When a woman is confident in her body, it’s like a magnet for men.

Men are naturally attracted to women who have confidence and self-esteem—and when you love your body, it’s easy to have those things.

That confidence shows up in the way you walk, talk, and interact with others.

It shows up in how you dress and how you wear makeup.

It’s also there when you look at yourself in the mirror and smile instead of frowning at your reflection.

We live in a world where it’s easier to be critical of our bodies than to love them.

I’m guilty of this.

After two kids, I don’t always smile at my reflection in the mirror.

I’m grateful to have a man who is more attracted to my soul and person than my body. 

Not that I’m not physically attractive to him. 

I am!

But you know how social media makes us feel like we need to have a flatter tummy, bigger boobs, and all other unrealistic beauty standards. 

No matter what society says, we have to love our bodies and own our uniqueness. 

When you love your body, a man will have no choice than to do the same.



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