Why Do Men Stare At Women? 10 Reasons

signs he wants more than a fling with you

Why do men stare at women? Well, the answer is simple. They are looking at her beauty and a lot more. While men tend to stare at women for different reasons, there are also some universal reasons that apply to all men: Why Do Men Stare At Women?  1. Lust The first and most obvious …

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10 Signs He Will Never Marry You

Reasons Men Stay In A Sexless Marriage

Some things are tough in life and not being sure whether or not your boyfriend will ever pop the question and as you to marry him is definitely one of them. It’s even tougher if you love him, have invested time and effort in the relationship, and see him as your husband to-be. While there …

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[15]The Worst Thing a Husband Can Say To His Wife

Signs God is Protecting You From a Bad Relationship

No matter how much a husband and wife love each other, there is bound to be disagreement from time to time. However, there are some things that should never be said to one’s spouse. Saying the wrong thing can lead to hurt feelings and an increased risk of divorce. So what’s the worst thing a …

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Engagements are special moments in a relationship, but that does not mean your man would buy an engagement ring without careful planning.  If you decide to be direct and ask him if he’s planning to buy a ring, and he says no, it would be embarrassing. Even if you’re not sure he will propose, there …

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7 Toxic Morning Habits To Get Rid Of

There are things we do every morning even without thinking(habits) because we do them often and have become part of us. Some are really toxic and they should be gotten rid of because they limit our productivity. What we do in the morning matters a lot because the morning sets the pace for the rest …

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