Why Do Men Kneel When Proposing? – 11 Reasons

Getting married after courting for a while is the desire of many lovers.

This is especially so for those who desire to love and be loved.

While the lady daydreams about how her dearly beloved will go on his knee to pop up the ‘Will you marry me’ question in the presence of few friends.

The guy also looks forward to getting a ‘Yes’ from his beautiful woman.

Men kneeling to propose to the women they’d love to spend the rest of their lives seem to have gained more prominence over the years.

Seeing a man get on his knees to propose marriage is always an impressive sight, especially to the female folk.

The first time I saw it, I was blown away by the act.

It was all new to me then, but not anymore. Lol.

But really, why do men kneel when proposing?

Is that a sign of love or just a mere tradition?

The idea of bowing the knee started from the medieval knights who did this as a sign of respect to noblewomen.

Several years later, men have come to embrace it to propose marriage to the love of their lives.

As much as it’s now a tradition among young people, different people have reasons for kneeling to propose, and we will look at some of them.

Below are a few reasons some men kneel when proposing;

Why Do Men Kneel When Proposing? : 11 Reasons

1. Expression of love

Why Do Men Kneel When Proposing?

When a man is in love, he’s willing to do anything and everything for his woman.

He is devoted to her.

It’s written all over him that he’s drunk in love.

And now, he is looking forward to getting married to the absolute love of his life.

Kneeling to propose can be his way of letting her know he’s smitten with her, and though he is saying it in words, he wants to put it in a physical act that would convey the depth of what he feels in his heart for her.

You’d even see some guys shed a few tears as they profess their undying love to their babes as they pop up the question.

2. Honor

Why Do Men Kneel When Proposing?

Kneeling is a symbol of honor.

In royal palaces, palace guards and officers bow in honor of the royalties.

A man could kneel to propose to his girlfriend as a sign of honor for her.

He holds her in high esteem and counts it a great honor to have her in his life.

Hence, he doesn’t mind expressing in the full glare of the world that he respects her.

Women love it.

They want to be honored by the men they love.

 3. As a norm

Why Do Men Kneel When Proposing?

This is another reason why men kneel when proposing.

The world is now a global village; you see videos of a man proposing on his knees everywhere you turn on social media.

Every video is met with a unanimous reaction of “awwwww,” primarily by women.

If you ask the men proposing, they probably have no idea of where the kneeling to propose started from.

But they’ve found out how it’s done, and now that they are ready to propose to the love of their life, they also decide to do the same.

 4. Deep commitment

 A man kneeling to his lady could do this as a way to communicate his commitment to her.

It means he’s committed to their bond and ready to love her for the rest of eternity.

It’s also his way of letting her know that he cherishes what they share and would never treat it as common.

5. Symbol of submission

Why Do Men Kneel When Proposing?

 Marriage is a place of submission for both parties.

You know, that willingness to serve the other person.

It’s a way of telling her that to every other person, ‘I’m a big man,’ but to you, ‘I’m your baby.’

I mean, in literal terms, he’s giving himself to her.

He’s also letting her know that he has chosen and decided to surrender himself to her and whatever he will be in the future.

He does this with all joy written all over his face because he’s with the woman he loves.

6. Pledging loyalty

Kneeling is also an act of pledging loyalty to the partner.

He lets her know she has won his heart and he will forever remain faithful to her.

And that he will always be honest and never do anything that rouses any suspicion.

Sincerely, a woman deserves a loyal partner, a man who will stay faithful to her.

And kneeling to ask for her hand expresses that he would always support her in all situations.

7. Creating Memory

Why Do Men Kneel When Proposing?

Kneeling to propose could be a way of creating a lasting memory that both would cherish forever.

It’s good that lovers deliberately do things that would be a reference point in the future.

Some guys even go as far as booking hotels, renting a hall, and decorating it beautifully to create a romantic ambiance.

Going down memory lane to where everything started could help them reignite their love for each other.

Sometimes, I watch videos online, and I see couples do a throwback of where they were a few years ago and the point they are at the moment.

Creating beautiful memories is always advisable, and kneeling to propose is one of such.

8. Acknowledging equality

Some guys kneel to propose to acknowledge that the woman is an equal partner with them in all things.

In a world where men want to be the superior partner in all things, deciding to propose this way could communicate his willingness to be a lover and an equal partner in the home.

9. Vulnerability and humility

Why Do Men Kneel When Proposing?

Kneeling to the other person is used to express vulnerability to that person.

And at the same time, it signifies humility.

When a man decides to kneel when proposing marriage to his girlfriend, he could do this to communicate the desire to be vulnerable with her all the days of his life.

10. Cultural significance

This is a custom in some places; their men kneel to propose to the women from time immemorial.

And many years later, the culture continues.

11. To make his lady happy

Many men kneel to propose, not because they care about or think much about the trend.

They only do it because it means a lot to their lady.

If she has previously expressed the desire to have a dream proposal, the man may go the extra mile to bring this dream of hers to reality.



Not all men kneel to propose marriage to their beloveds.

A man who decides not to kneel in a proposal isn’t doing the wrong either.

It is also essential to note that as beautiful as kneeling to propose might be, it’s not a yardstick to measure marital success.

Aside from the glamour and fanfare behind the proposal, love, and commitment are the most crucial factors intending couples should consider.


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