Feelings of attraction between two people of different sexes are totally normal, and it is the reality of today’s world to see someone and be sexually drawn to them.

And a married man is no different. It’s important to know that he is firstly a man, so marriage or not, his feelings are still intact.

It is just that marriage builds up our emotions and makes us committed

However, As long as he is human and has desires, he can be sexually attracted to you.

In some cases, being married does not qualify for total shutdown of emotions to people outside of your marriage.

Although I do not encourage having sexual desires outside marriage, we cannot discard the glaring fact that a married man can be sexually attracted to you.

But what are the signs to look out for?

How exactly will you know if he is sexually attracted to you or not?

To avoid misinterpretation of emotions, you need to be able to identify these signs.

And know that not every married man who is nice or close to you has a sexual desire towards you.

You can read on as we go through the different signs to watch out for if a married man is attracted to you.



signs a married man is sexually attracted to you

When he is suddenly being nice to you, it may be a sign that something is attached, and you should observe.

His sexual attraction towards you will be a prompter for his actions.

One way a man can communicate his feelings non-verbally is by actions, and he will try every means possible to get in your good graces.

He will suddenly be there when you need someone and show up whenever you’re down.

All these are his tactical ways to build a connection with you.

You will now understand the fundamental concept of being nice because he will flood you with it.

You know that kind of a man you’ve always dreamed of? The all-caring and all-nice guy you want?

He will become that person.

As funny as this might sound, he isn’t just doing it out of the kindness of his heart.

His motives are what is driving him.

So when the pleasant nature grows by the day, it’s a sign that he is sexually attracted to you.



signs a married man is sexually attracted to you

The calming scent of roses and their beautiful radiance will be an often encounter with you.

You will be literally placed in a garden of roses and gifts.

Most women consider gifts as a love language to them.

And men understand this also.

Even if you’re an alien and have become immune to romance, a gift will still strike a cord.

Maybe he just showed up at your door with a bouquet and a big bright smile, ‘hello, I bought this for you,’ he said.

At first, the surprise will be surprising, to say the least, and your heart will melt away.

Psychologically, a gift given to someone puts them in a position to want to return the favor you feel indebted to that person.

It’s a tactic that works in all aspects of life.

Especially if gifts take a special place in your heart, they will quickly enchant you.

A married man’s attraction to you will make him play his game right.

Remember, he is married, which means you’re not the first.

So he’s done this before, and it has proven to be an effective one.

Showering of gifts is a sign that a married man is attracted to you.



signs a married man is sexually attracted to you

At first, it started as a routine call to check on you.

Then, it graduates gradually to more than once in a day,

He calls at work, as you’re about to leave, even at night.

This might seem like a wrong approach initially, but constant communication will start to build an emotional connection.

The best way to keep someone interested in you is to keep your communication line open.

So when he calls too often, it is a sign he is attracted to you.

Being attracted to you means he will always think about you and will always want to talk to you.

Therefore, having you on speed dial is one way that shows he is attracted to you.



‘I want to get to know you more.’

This statement is a prelude to further emotional connection and building closeness.

A man that is sexually attracted to you will be interested in your personal life.

‘Let’s be more than friends, ‘ he will say.

And from there, he will begin to show concern for your personal life.

Once he wants to get on a personal level, you should know that there are reasons attached, and a possible one is because he is attracted to you.

When statements like, ‘You know you can talk to me,’ start to pop off, it’s his way of following his desires of being attracted to you.

And from what we know, women are moved by what they ‘hear.’ Every woman wants someone who will listen to them constantly.

So, if he is starting to become that person, it is a clear sign that he is attracted to you.



signs a married man is sexually attracted to you

He goes out of his way to do the ‘impossible,’ something far off from what he would have usually done.

Maybe he misses a job interview to attend you on a bad day.

Yeah, I know it’s extreme, but stop doubting. It happens in Hollywood.

And it’s a good comparison to what I can picture as a sacrifice.

He goes extreme for you sometimes, and you wonder why he is being like that.

All the actions are screaming one thing: he is attracted to you.

And because of this, he is willing to go to any length.



signs a married man is sexually attracted to you

Even when you don’t look your best, he says something nice about your dress or how you look that day.

Constant compliments and appraisals from a married man show his attraction to you.

‘You look radiant today,’ these sweet words are his ways of communicating that he is head over heels for you.

Compliments and appraisals make the person at the receiving end feel special and accepted.

In work environments, an occasional appraisal from your boss will make you want to do more and be more efficient at work.

Not to talk of complimenting your looks and dress styles.

This is an excellent and effective entry point to show his attraction to you.

In a nutshell, we can all begin to question the reason why a married man will be attracted to someone despite the condition of being married.

While the reasons for this might vary and are subject to a lot of factors, it is Paramount to know that physical or sexual attraction to someone is totally normal and considered healthy for your mental health.

The signs that a married man is attracted to you may vary depending on who he is and how he wants to show it.

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