8 Things Smart Women Never Do in a Relationship

Love is beautiful and falling in love is one of life’s most precious experiences.

However, dating can sometimes be a confusing and frustrating experience, especially for those who don’t know what they want or how to get it.

But for a smart woman, the dating game is a whole different ballgame.

A smart woman is confident, independent, and self-aware.

She knows her worth and values and is not afraid to assert herself or set boundaries in a relationship.

As a result, a smart woman’s dating experience is likely to be quite different from that of a less self-assured woman.

She will likely attract partners who respect and appreciate her, and she will be more selective in choosing a partner, only committing to those who meet her high but not unrealistic standards.

8 Things Smart Women Never Do in a Relationship

1. Never sacrifice their own well-being or happiness for the sake of the relationship.

Things Smart Women Never Do in a Relationship


One thing that sets a smart woman apart in the dating world is her ability to prioritize her own well-being and happiness.

She knows that she cannot fully show up for and invest in a relationship if she is not first taking care of herself.

This means setting healthy boundaries and not sacrificing her own needs for the sake of the relationship.

For example, a smart woman might say “no” to her partner’s request to spend every single weekend together if she knows she needs time to recharge and pursue her own interests.

She recognizes that a little space and independence strengthen a relationship and make her man miss her.

But a less self-assured woman might feel guilty saying “no” and end up sacrificing their own well-being to please her man.

Before you know it, she becomes clingy and less desirable.

A smart woman knows self-care is not selfish but necessary for a happy life and relationship.

2. Never compromise their own values or beliefs for the sake of the relationship.

Values and beliefs are integral to who we are as individuals and are deeply rooted in our sense of self.

A smart woman recognizes this and will never compromise her own values or beliefs for the sake of the relationship.

This does not mean that a smart woman is inflexible or unwilling to compromise in a relationship.

Compromise is an important part of any healthy relationship.

A smart woman can balance standing firm in her values and beliefs while being open to negotiation and compromise with her partner.

Let’s say, like me, you value honesty and transparency in a relationship.

If your man does something that goes against this value, you are likely to address it directly and honestly rather than ignoring it or going along with it to avoid conflict.

I can’t stand a man who lies.

Yes, nobody is perfect, but when you have a habit of lying, I’ll drop you like a bad habit.

I don’t care if you are the most handsome man on the planet.

If you don’t know your values as a woman, it’ll be hard for you to date smart.


3. Never tolerate abuse, whether it be emotional, physical, or verbal.

As a smart woman, you know that abuse of any kind is never acceptable in a relationship.

This includes emotional, physical, and verbal abuse.

You have self-respect, and you know that you deserve to be treated with kindness, respect, and consideration.

It’s not your fault that your partner is abusive, but it’s your choice to either get out or keep tolerating abuse.

This is why as a woman, you must be financially independent so you won’t remain in an abusive relationship because you are financially trapped.

Even if you are not in an abusive relationship, it is still important to be aware of the signs of abuse and to set boundaries with your partner.

A smart woman knows that she deserves a healthy, safe, and loving relationship.

She will not tolerate anything less.


4. Never neglect their own friendships or personal interests for the sake of the relationship.

Things Smart Women Never Do in a Relationship

As a smart woman, you know your friendships and personal interests are just as important as your romantic relationship.

You don’t neglect the people and things that bring you joy and fulfillment just because you are in a partnership.

A smart woman knows she is multidimensional, with many passions and pursuits.

She doesn’t let her relationship consume her entire life and identity.

She makes time for her friends, hobbies, and personal growth and encourages her partner to do the same.

This keeps your relationship fresh and interesting and allows both partners to bring new experiences and perspectives to the table.

You are like a delicious, multi-layered cake (yes, you are a cake).

Your relationship is just one delicious layer, but many other layers make up the whole, delectable cake that is you.

Maintaining these other layers ensures that your relationship is just one part of a fulfilling, well-rounded life.


5. Never stay in a relationship that makes them feel unfulfilled or unhappy.

Things Smart Women Never Do in a Relationship

Life is too short to waste time in a relationship without joy and fulfillment.

Smart women have high standards and are not afraid to walk away from a relationship that is not meeting their needs.

You are the captain of your own love ship.

You deserve to sail on the open waters of happiness, not be stuck in a stagnant, muddy river of unfulfillment.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every relationship will always be smooth sailing.

There will be rough patches and challenges, but a smart woman knows the difference between a temporary rough patch and a fundamental mismatch.

She is willing to put in the work to address issues and improve the relationship, but she is not afraid to cut ties if it is not meant to be.

It’s so cool to be a smart woman!


6. Never put up with a partner who doesn’t respect or appreciate them.

For a smart woman, respect is non-negotiable.

You expect your partner to show you respect, appreciation, and consideration, and you are not afraid to speak up if these things are lacking.

You know that you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and you will not tolerate a partner who does not give you this basic level of care.

You also know that a lack of respect can be a red flag for deeper issues in the relationship.

A man who doesn’t respect you will likely abuse and cheat on you.

A smart woman knows her own worth and will not put up with a partner who does not treat her with the respect she deserves.


7. Never compromise their own safety or security for the sake of the relationship.

As a smart woman, you know that your own safety and security are paramount.

This means you are aware of red flags and warning signs that may indicate that your partner is not acting in your best interests.

It also means proactively addressing any behavior that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

For example, if your partner becomes overly jealous or possessive, you raise concerns and set boundaries.

If he disregards your boundaries or continues with controlling or abusive behavior, you are out.

Another aspect of safety and security in a relationship is financial security.

A smart woman knows that she should not feel financially beholden to her partner and that both parties should be able to contribute to and make financial decisions together.

This prevents you from being taken advantage of financially. 


8. Never settle for less than they deserve in a relationship.

Smart women have high standards and are not afraid to hold out for a partner who meets them.

No, they don’t have unrealistic expectations or seek perfection.

They know what they want and need in a relationship and are unwilling to settle for less.

Maybe you want a partner who is kind, supportive, and loyal.

Maybe you want a partner who shares your interests and values.

Whatever your standards may be, a smart woman knows she deserves a partner who meets them and is willing to work towards a mutually fulfilling relationship.


All these do not mean a smart woman is picky or difficult to please.

Instead, she is simply aware of her worth and knows she deserves a partner willing to put in the effort to meet her needs and make the relationship work.

And she’s ready to do the same.

So go ahead, smart woman, hold out for the best.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

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  1. What an eye opening article.I literally could really feel how much of myself I had let go for a relationship.Thank you for this article ❤️

  2. I’m in that particular one which says…you should not stay in an abusive relationship because you’re trapped financially! i felt that!


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