Why Is My Pregnant Wife So Mean To Me?

Are you a dad-to-be?

Each day you wake up, ecstatic about the thought of being a Dad soon, you see your wife’s protruded belly, and you’re glad you’re the one “who loaded the gun.”

But then your heart is dampened each time your wife acts mean towards you.

Sometimes you are exasperated because you can’t understand why she is acting this way toward you.

First, you need to realize that pregnancy is a herculean task.

Whenever you see a new mom, know that she’s been through a lot, and the truth is, words can’t fully express the depth of her experience.

The journey to motherhood is not a smooth sail, and when a pregnant woman acts unbecomingly, it could be due to several reasons.

This is why she needs a great support system around her.

Your wife could be acting mean towards you due to the following reasons;

Why Is My Pregnant Wife So Mean To Me?

1) Hormonal Changes

Why Is My Pregnant Wife So Mean To Me?

A pregnant woman experiences a high level of hormonal fluctuation during pregnancy.

The chief hormones are estrogen and progesterone.

However, they are not the only ones produced at this time.

These two are needed in relatively large quantities for the growth and development of the fetus.

Changes in hormonal levels can affect neurotransmitters, brain chemicals responsible for mood swings.

Sometimes, she will wake up cranky and touchy, and before the end of the day, she’s in high spirits.

If your wife seems to be acting mean towards you, it could be due to the hormonal fluctuation she’s experiencing.

It would help if you were more patient and understanding.

It’s a phase; it will soon pass.

2) Physical Discomfort

Why Is My Pregnant Wife So Mean To Me?

Pregnancy is a sweet-bitter experience.

Even though one is gleefully awaiting the baby’s birth, the journey to it isn’t smooth.

The intermittent pains in the lower back and the waist are a lot to deal with.

The recurring headaches, nasal congestion, and frequent urination can be pretty frustrating.

Imagine having difficulty sleeping at night due to frequent urination and body pain and your partner sleeping soundly beside you.

It sure can be painful, right?

In a way to vent her frustration, she could start acting mean to you.

She could wake you up angrily in the middle of the night so you can keep vigil with her.

She could ask you to come and rub her back as she’s feeling so much pain.

You might see that as meanness, but she’s not having it easy, either.

And I tell you for a fact, if it were possible to outsource pregnancy, many women would have gladly paid a fortune to do that.

3) Body Changes

Why Is My Pregnant Wife So Mean To Me?

Pregnant women usually experience body changes during pregnancy; some can be reversible, while some are not.

Imagine changing from a size six to a size twelve in a few months.

They also experience fluid retention, which makes their face and nose swollen.

I once saw a video where a woman recorded her pregnancy journey.

She looked so beautiful before getting pregnant, but she seemed entirely different when her tummy started protruding, and her nose started swelling.

This is one of the reasons why some of them get depressed.

They feel they are no longer beautiful.

Their emotions become heightened.

They cry sometimes.

They blame their husband for making them look this way.

This might reflect in how she treats and responds to you.

You could try affirming her and lavishing love on her; it helps give some positivity to how she feels about her body.

4) Stress

Why Is My Pregnant Wife So Mean To Me?

Pregnant women experience stress during pregnancy, characterized by low energy and loss of appetite.

Stress from work and family takes a toll on them.

For example, she might need to get to work very early in the morning every day of the week.

And this is someone who might be unable to sleep during the night.

Let me ask you something.

Was there a time you felt so tired that you didn’t know when you screamed at your colleague?

You remember, right?

Your pregnant wife could snap at you or ignore you when you ask her questions because she’s stressed out and can’t even help it.

I know it can be painful, but understanding the phase she is currently in will help you to be able to overlook this.

5) Lack of support

If there’s one thing a pregnant woman needs, it is support.

The first support system she needs is her husband, followed by other family members and friends.

Do you know why?

You are her husband, the father of her unborn child.

Some men find it challenging to support their pregnant wife.

A few years ago, a man regretfully narrated how he started staying out late when his wife was pregnant with their first daughter.

He said he couldn’t bear the countless vomiting sessions and weakness she was experiencing, so he decided to keep late nights and sneak in when she was asleep.

This is not fair at all.

The woman isn’t having it easy at all, and the least she deserves is support.

Your wife has been acting so mean towards you, but have you been supportive?

Does she know that you’ve got her back?

If not, then you may need to make the necessary adjustments.

6) Frustrations with limitations due to pregnancy

The truth is pregnancy comes with its limitations.

There are physical activities a woman can’t engage in when she’s pregnant.

It even affects her sleeping posture.

She can’t sleep anyhow she likes. She has to follow whatever the Doctor says.

It even goes as far as influencing the kind of jobs they do.

Some have even had to resign because their health can’t bear it.

All of these take a toll on them.

It could be overwhelming, I tell you.

Your wife might take out this frustration on you by acting meanly towards you.

7) Fear of labor

Bro, labor pain can be excruciating!

Just imagine a whole being coming out of that tiny space. It’s a lot to deal with.

The thought of how painful labor pain can be may be the reason for your wife’s reaction toward you.

Probably, she has seen some videos or listened to different experiences from other people.

What You Need To Do

First, remember that she’s your wife, and she’s pregnant.

I understand you’re at the receiving end of this; however, I will suggest you do the following.

1) Be understanding

Now you have read some possible reasons why she’s acting mean towards you.

It would help if you were more understanding.

It’s a phase she’s in at the moment. It would soon pass.

When she’s cranky, exercise patience with her.

You love her, and one of the attributes of love is understanding.

2) Support her

Why Is My Pregnant Wife So Mean To Me?

You should be her most incredible support system.

Be there for her as a rock.

Hold her by the hands every step of the way.

Let her know you’ve got her back any day, any time.

She needs all the support she can get.

Make it a duty always to follow her for antenatal appointments, except your work duty makes it impossible.

Even at that, be ready to help her when needed.

3) Take care of her

Why Is My Pregnant Wife So Mean To Me?

On your wedding day, you promised to take care of her in all circumstances.

Now is the time you show it.

Ensure her physical, emotional, and financial needs are met.

Shower her with affection.

This is not the time to be avoiding her.

Make out time to stay by her.

4) Talk with her

The truth is, she might not even understand the effect of her actions on you.

I’d suggest you have a heart-to-heart talk with her and let her know how her actions are making you feel.

This conversation could help open her eyes to what she can do better.

5. Read up

Most men are clueless when it comes to pregnancy and the process of childbirth.

Their sheer ignorance is what makes them create mountains out of molehills.

Get knowledge.

Read up about the pregnancy process and what’s happening to your wife; that way, you can give informed support.

Reading up will aid your understanding of your wife in this season, which will help your relationship thrive.

Thankfully, some sites provide such information, such as babycenter.com and whattoexpect.com.

These websites have many valuable resources, including a weekly tracker that helps track body changes in pregnancy while giving tips on dealing with each week’s challenges.

Get knowledge, and roll up your sleeves to support and love your wife.

She needs you now more than ever.

All the best!


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