Random Musings – 1

It’s the last day in 2021 and I’m penning this down to eulogise myself for how far I’ve come, what was, is and would be of me.

I’m laying on my back with so many points of gratitude and a few points of sober reflections.

Health wise this year, I never thought I’d be here to write this. Series of crashes here and there and not losing my strong foot is a major flex this year.

And boy, I am loved! I experienced love and strangers’ kindness. Sometimes it feels like a dream that I am actually here and at this time with so many things in place.

As someone who gets worked up over little things and almost everything, I am super grateful that most of my worries have been ticked off and I am starting a very new and major phase of my life.

Almost the whole of the coming year is dedicated to being a better me as with every other year but this is coming with a different twist.

I have listed a number of things to achieve in 2022 and I’ll be putting this out here as a list to fall back on by December 2022 to see how far I’ve come.

  • Get called to the Nigerian bar with a red scroll and my hands full
  • Start the process to be ICSAN certified
  • Blog everyday
  • Be financially independent
  • Finish my recipe book
  • Allow myself to be in love and be loved by the son of man
  • Be intentional about my social life
  • God at the center of it all.

Yeah, looks little but not so little. Trust me, I didnt do bad at all this year. I just need to push harder and get things working as they should.

I’m a lover girl who loves being a cook and also being a lawyer. With that you can guess the kind of content you’ll be reading from me.

This is cheers to a new beginning and many new starts.

See you all next year.

If you’ll love to have an accountability partner towards the new year goals, you can hit me up here.

Rooting for you and see you at the top.

Sharing is Caring!

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